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Selected Publications



2000 Co-Authored with Chen San-ching, The Chinese Guomindang in Europe: A Sourcebook of Documents. Berkeley, California. Institute for East Asian Studies, Center for Chinese Studies  Monograph Series # 52, 303 pp. A series of 72 documents from archives in Europe and Asia on the  formation of the Chinese Nationalist Party in Europe, EGMD (1923, Lyons) which had the first United  Front with the Communists. The first two units covers the formation and politics of the EGMD.  The  final unit of the book covers ideology among the five Chinese political parties formed in Europe from  1922‒23.
1993 The Found Generation: Chinese Communists in Europe During the Twenties. Seattle, Washington:  University of Washington Press, 296 pp. An examination of the generation of young Chinese who  adopted the route of political party formation during the early twenties while sojourning in France. The  historical background of the Chinese Labor Battalions during the first World War, the Work-Study  Movement, the creation of the European Branch of the Chinese Communist Party (1922), and the  personal transformation experience and ideological developments of those involved in the party  formation are explored.



Selected Articles

2022 "Revolutionary Roads: An Integrative Analysis Utilizing the Chinese Biographical Database" book chapter, Elites, Knowledge, and Power in Modern China, Edited by Armand, Henriot, and Sun, In press [Brill]  

Panel presentation and Workshop presentation: Harvard Fairbank Center, Mini-Conference: Network Research in Chinese Studies Workshop, July 23-24 and 30-31. Panel Presentation “Post WWI Chinese Revolutionary Leaders in Europe” and Workshop Presentation on “Hierarchical Clustering and Heat Maps”  The Conference Report was published in H-Soz-Kult 9/23.

2022 “Post WWI Chinese Revolutionary Leaders in Europe”  in Journal of Historical Network Research.  Vol 5, no. 1: 187-232  
2022 “Biography for Historical Analysis: A Chinese Biographical Database.” in Journal of Historical Network Research Vol 5, no. 1: 271-87  



"Leninist Legacies and Revolutionary Life Histories in the Chinese Communist Party: A Plutarchian Case Study of Cai Hesen and Zhao Shiyan" Twentieth-Century China 44, no. 3 (October 2019)






“赴法勤工俭学运动的兴起“ [The Rise of the Diligent-Work Frugal-Study Movement], 高校马克思主义理论研究 [Studies on Marxist Theory in Higher Education] 2:2, pp. 100-112.

“The Chinese Labor Corps During World War I: Prelude to Political and Cultural Activism,” (in Chinese)  in  Yizhan huagong zai faguo, Chinese translation of Les travailleurs chinois en France dans la  Première Guerre mondiale, Li Ma and Mo Xuqiang, ed., Jilin: Jilin Publishers pp. 269-285. Conference Program, Conference Paper, and Conference Presentation (Keynote Address)



“The Chinese Labor Corps During World War I: Prelude to Political and Cultural Activism,” (in French) in Les  travailleurs chinois en France dans la Première Guerre mondiale, Li Ma and Mo Xuqiang ed., Paris,  Centre national de la recherche scientifique, pp.305-322.


“Modern China and the Chinese Biographical Database,” First International Workshop on  Biographical Databases for China’s History. Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.


“Who Will Lead the Revolution? Life History and E-Scholarship: Content, Theory, and Possibilities,”  Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative Conference. University of Sydney, Sydney Australia.


“Polemics, Politics, and Purity: Wang Guangqi and the Modern Chinese Identity,” Historical  Society for Twentieth Century China International Symposium. Ca’Foscari University, Venice,  Italy.


“The Chinese Biographical Database Project: A Model for Collaborative Scholarship,” in  Proceedings of the EBTI, SEER, ECAI, and PNC Meeting. Taibei, Pacific Neighborhood  Consortium, pp. 514-20.


“The Work-Study Movement” entry in Wang Ke-wen (ed.) Modern China: An Encyclopedia of  History, Culture, and Nationalism. New York: Garland Publishing, pp. 387-88.


“超越障礙:張若名與安德烈紀德,” [Transcending the Barriers: Zhang  Ruoming and André Gide] trans. by Chan King-tong, reprinted in Zhang Ruoming, Jide de taidu  [The Attitude of Gide]. Beijing: Sanlian publishers, pp. 180-192.


“Conducting Research in the French Archives on Chinese Radicalism” Republican China 22:2  (April): 93-102.


With Chen San-ching, “Communist-Leftist Control of the European Branch of the Guomindang,  1923-1927” Modern China 22:1 (January): 62-92.


“Activisme et militantisme politiques chez les étudiants chinois” Cahiers d'Histoire “Lyon et  l'Extrême Orient” Tome XL, no.3-4. pp.287-308. Conference Program


"Sun Yat-sen and the Founding of  the Chinese Guomindang in Europe" (in Chinese) in Proceedings of Centennial Symposium on Sun Yat-Sen's  Founding of the Kuomintang for Revolution. Taipei: Central Library, vol. 2, pp. 326-358.


"Chinese Students in France: Pedagogy and Politics" in Contact Between Cultures: Eastern Asia:  History and Social Sciences  ed. Bernard Hung-Kay Luk, vol. 4 N.Y.: Mellon Press, pp. 580-86.


"Teaching as Transformation: The Need to Redesign Courses on Vietnam"  Social Education 57:7: 387-392.


“Zeng Qi and the Frozen Revolution.” in Oppositional Politics: Alternative Political Movements  in Twentieth-Century China, ed. Roger Jeans. Boulder, Co: Westview Press, pp.227‒240.


“Seeking Truth from Recollections: Conducting Oral History Research in the PRC” Western  Conference of the Association for Asian Studies, Missoula, Montana.

1990 "Transcending the Barriers: Zhang Ruoming and André Gide" Chinese Studies in History 23:3 (Spring): 32-53.


“ECCO Studies: Overview of an Emerging Field” Republican China 13:2 (April): 4-23. Special  international symposium issue on “The Emergence of ECCO Studies.”


“CCP History Studies at Qinghua University” China Exchange News 14:2 (June): 16-18.


Selected Electronic Publications


Chinese Biographical Database. This Web site was the first scholarly moderated online  database [No longer available].


Creating Posters for the Humanities and Social Sciences. A professional service site that was linked to the Association for Asian Studies and the American Historical Association [No longer available].


Selected Book Reviews and Review Essays


Book Review on Gregor Benton and Frank N. Pieke, The Chinese in Europe. New York, St.  Martins Press, 1998, Journal of Asian Studies 58:2 (May): 477-478.

1995 Book Review on Frank Joseph Shulman. Doctoral Dissertations on China and on Inner Asia,  1976-1990: An Annotated Bibliography of Studies in Western Languages. Westport, Connecticut:  Greenwood Press, 1998, on H–Asia Electronic Network.

“Zhonggong dangshi renwu zhuan: A Review Essay” Republican China 10:2 (April): 64-72. This review was partially reprinted alongside a poem that was translated into Chinese in volume 29 of this series on Chinese Communist Party Biographies. Chinese poem (volume 29)


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