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Marilyn Levine

A Guide to Archival Research on Chinese Radical Politics in France

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Archival Research


This page  is a resource for those interested in conducting research in France on Chinese radical activities during the 1920's. Among the resources included are:
1. Four archival and library searchable database research notes conducted throughout the 80's and 90's in France.These include the identification information, keywords, and any notes on the materials.
2. A listing of the archival materials collected and duplicated or collected in France and Asia. These materials  are deposited at Harvard-Yenching Library in the Marilyn Levine collection.
3. An article on conducting research with an overview of Asia-related materials deposited in the French archives.
4. A glossary of over 1,100 names of Chinese activists in France during the 1920's in English and Chinese.
5. A 1986 article on conducting research at Tsinghua University in 1985.

Other resources, including an introduction to Chinese in Europe the Twenties with a historical overview, chronologies, glossary, and selected bibliography can be found in tabs on Current Research and Selected Publications.

1. Notes from Archival Collections in France 1980's and 90's.

A. Archives Nationales Section D'Outre-Mer - SLOTFOM Collection Notes

B. Archives Nationales Section D'Outre-Mer - Indochine Collection Notes

C. Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon Collection Notes

Jean Louis Boully who headed the China section at the Bibliotheque and published a very useful catalgogue.

Photo of Jean-Louis Boully, who headed the China section of the Library and published a wonderful catalog of the Chinese collection there.

Jean-Louis BOULLY, Danielle LI (coll.) et Benédicte HÉRAUD (coll.), Ouvrages en langue chinoise de l’Institut franco-chinois de Lyon : 1921-1946, Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, Lyon, 1995, 515 p.

There are over 400 Chinese dossiers of students who attended the Sino-French Institute during the interwar years.

D. Archives Nationales Collection Notes

2. Levine Collection of Chinese and French materials at Harvard-Yenching Library (Searchable in Chinese)

3. Conducting Research in the French Archives article

4. Chinese Names Glossary of Chinese Activists in France During the Twenties

5. Chinese Research at Tsinghua University article (1986)



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