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College of Arts and Humanities

Lacy S. Ferrell

Assistant Professor of History

Lacy S. Ferrell is a native of Richmond, Virginia, who decided that she wanted to teach history after a particularly colorful eighth-grade Western Civilizations class. In college, she discovered African history when she took a course on Nationalism and Decolonization in Africa, and hasn’t looked back since. After a brief excursion to Canada, Lacy continued her adventures across the Frozen North and went to the University of Wisconsin, where she wrote her dissertation, “Fighting for the Future: A History of Education in Colonial Ghana, c. 1900-1940.” Her archival and field research was carried out in Ghana, England, and Switzerland. Her favorite Ghanaian dish is kenkey and tilapia.

Lacy’s research interests include childhood, education, colonialism, and gender. In addition to turning her dissertation into a book, she is currently working on a paper examining the formation of group identity amongst migrant children in schools in the Northern Territories of Colonial Ghana.


PhD African History (2013):  University of Wisconsin-Madison

MA African History (2009):  University of Wisconsin-Madison

MA History (2006):  McGill University

BA History, Minor in French (2005):  Dartmouth College


HIST 330: Africa Before 1800

HIST 331: Colonial Africa

HIST 334: Gender and Sexuality in African History

HIST TBA: Visual Cultures of Africa

HIST TBA: Health and Healing in African History

HIST TBA: Children and Youth in History


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