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Sick Note Policy for Missed Classes

Faculty are strongly discouraged from requiring medical or legal documentation from a student for any absences. Student Medical Services and Student Counseling Services does not provide written excuses for students who miss classes or assignments due to a short-term illness or an injury. This policy is consistent with American College Health Association recommendations and the policies of our peer institutions. It also reflects our commitment to teaching students how to use healthcare resources appropriately and supporting meaningful dialogue between students and faculty.

People often miss work or school when they feel symptomatic from a cold, gastrointestinal upset, or another minor, self-limiting illness or injury. Because we are in the middle of the cold and flu season, many students may be absent due to illness.In many cases, the best course of action is to rest and practice self-care at home. When students see a healthcare provider solely to get an excuse:

  • The student could incur the cost of an office visit,
  • These visits take appointments that could be offered to students who need medical care, which increases wait times for appointments,
  • Students risk aggravating their illness or injury by traveling to an appointment,
  • Those with contagious illnesses risk exposing others

Becoming an independent adult involves learning how to take care of oneself when sick and how to decide when to see a doctor. Please help support this aspect of student development.