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Vince Nethery - Publications

Competition between internal and external sources of information during exercise: Influence on RPE & the impact of exercise load.
V.M. Nethery
Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness. 42: pp.172-178 2002.

Anthropometric comparison between Japanese and Caucasian American male university students.
Y. Nakanishi and V.M. Nethery
Applied Human Science: J. Physiological Anthropology 18 (1): pp. 9-11, 1999.

Physiological and fitness comparison between young Japanese and American males.
Y. Nakanishi and V.M. Nethery
Applied Human Science: J. Physiological Anthropology 17 (5): pp.189-193, 1998.

Preexercise meal affects ride time to fatigue in trained cyclists.
M. Anderson, E.A. Bergman, and V.M. Nethery
Journal of the American Dietetic Association.  Vol. 94 (10): pp. 1152-1153, 1994.

The effects of swimming and dryland warm-ups on 100 yard freestyle performance in collegiate swimmers.
N.C. Romney and V.M. Nethery
The Journal of Swimming Research.  Vol. 9: pp. 5-9, 1993.

Preparation of the fitness and exercise professional.
V.M. Nethery
The Journal of Human Movement Studies  Vol. 24 (3): pp. 135-141,  1993.

Sensory mediation of RPE during submaximal exercise
V.M. Nethery, P.A. Harmer, and D.R. Taaffe
Journal of Hum. Movement Studies Vol. 20 pp.201-211, 1991.
Technology and education of the fitness professional: Are we creating a "stimulus-response" mentality?
V.M. Nethery
Western College Physical Education Society Monograph Series R. Peavy Editor. 1991.

The influence of computers and peripherals on educational processes in the exercise sciences. 
V.M. Nethery and P.A. Harmer
Micros Plus: Educational Peripherals pp. 107-113.  S. Wills and R. Lewis (Editors) Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. (North-Holland), 1988.

Therapeutic touch in athletic rehabilitation. 
P.A. Harmer and V.M. Nethery
Sport Health  Vol. 6 No. 1, 1988.

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