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Health Sciences

College of Education and Professional Studies

Tishra Beeson, DrPH, MPH

Black Hall 208-8

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Dr. Beeson is an assistant professor of public health in the   Department of Health Sciences at Central Washington University.  She received a doctorate in public health from the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services and a Masters of Public Health from Oregon Health and Science University. Dr. Beeson has led research efforts around family planning and reproductive health in low-income  and underserved communities including the only national survey of family planning service delivery in community health centers settings.

Research Interests/Expertise

Areas of expertise include the qualitative methodologies of grounded theory and phenomenological studies as well as large survey design and health policy analysis. Dr. Beeson has interests in a wide range of content areas including access to primary care services in rural and underserved areas, access to women’s health services including family planning and reproductive health, primary care workforce development, the integration of social, legal and health services, and the role of Federally-Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and other safety-net settings in serving medically-underserved communities.

Selected Publications

Richard P, Shin P, Beeson T, Wood SF & Rosenbaum S. (In press). Quality and cost of diabetes care in Community Health Centers. PLoS ONE.

Beeson T, Mead KH, Wood SF, Goldberg DG, Shin P & Rosenbaum S. (2016). Family planning confidentiality and privacy practices supporting adolescent care at community health centers. Persp Sexual Repro Health.

Mead KH, Beeson T, Wood SF, Goldberg DG, Shin P & Rosenbaum S. (2015).  The role of Federally-Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in delivering family planning services to adolescents. J Adol Health. 57(1); 87-93.

Goldberg DG, Wood SF, Johnson K, Mead KH, Beeson T, Lewis JC, Rosenbaum S. (2015). Policy matter: the organization and delivery of family planning services in community health centers. Women’s Health Issues. 10.1016/j.whi.2015.02.007

Beeson T, Jester M, Proser M & Shin P. (2014). Engaging community health centers (CHCs) in research partnerships: the role of prior research experience on perceived needs and challenges. Clinical Translational Science. 7(2); 115-120.

Shin P, Sharac J, Beeson T, Proser M & Jester M. (2014). Identifying key patient demographics and organizational factors that contribute to health center participation in research. Journal of Ambulatory Care Management. 37(3); 250-257.

Beeson T, Wood SF, Bruen B, Goldberg D, Mead KH & Rosenbaum S. (2014). Accessibility of Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives in community health centers. Contraception. 89(2); 91-96.

Wood SF, Beeson T, Bruen B, Mead KH, Goldberg D, Shin P & Rosenbaum S. (2014). Scope of family planning services available in community health center settings. Contraception. 89(2); 85-90.

Goldberg D, Beeson T, Kuzel A, Love L, & Carver MC. (2013). Team-based care: a critical element of primary care practice transformation in the United States. Population Health Management. 16(3); 150-156.

Book Chapters

Rosenbaum S & Beeson T. (2012). “The patient protection and affordable care act: Will it help medically underserved communities or is it a missed opportunity?” In Debates on U.S. Health Care. Kronenfeld JJ, Parmet WE & Zezza MA, eds. Sage Publications, Inc. Thousand Oaks, CA.

Policy and Research Briefs

Wood SF, Beeson T, Goldberg DG, Mead KH, Shin P, Abdul-Wakil A, Rui PA, Sahgal B, Shimony M, Stevens H, & Rosenbaum S. (2015). Patient experiences with family planning in Community Health Centers. Available at:

Rosenbaum S, Wood SF, Cunningham M, Beeson T & Shin P. (2014). Health centers and family planning update: implications of the 2014 Quality Family Planning Services guidelines issued by the CDC and the Office of Population Affairs. RCHN Community Health Foundation Research Collaborative Policy Research Brief. Available at:

Wood S, Goetz Goldberg D, Beeson T, Bruen B, Johnson K, Mead H, Shin P, Lewis J, Artis S, Hayes K, Cunningham M, Lu Xiaoxiao & Rosenbaum S. (2013). Health centers and family planning: Results a nationwide study. Geiger Gibson/RCNH Community Health Foundation Research Collaborative Policy Research Brief. The George Washington University.

Beeson T, McAllister BM, Regenstein M. (2013). Making the case for Medical-Legal Partnerships: a review of the evidence. National Center for Medical Legal Partnership.

Courses Taught

HED/PUBH 250: Introduction to Health Policy and Systems
HED/PUBH 310: Community Health
HED/PUBH 311: Cross Cultural Practice in Public Health
HED/PUBH 317: Global Health
HED/PUBH 351: Community Building Strategies for Health
HED 422: Methods for Health Promotion
HED/PUBH 440: Public Health Communications
HED/PUBH 442: Field Experience in Guam
HED/PUBH 445: Professionalism in Public Health
HED/PUBH 460: Public Health Ethics


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