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Health Sciences

College of Education and Professional Studies

Rebecca Pearson, PhD. MPH


Public Health, Dept. Health Sciences

Director, General Education

Offices: Black Hall room 208-5, Barge 202-D
Phones: 509.963.2493, 509.963.1513





  • PhD - University of Arkansas, Health Science
  • MPH - New Mexico State University
  • B.A. - Humboldt State University, English, Psychology

About Dr. Pearson:

Dr. Pearson received her doctorate in Health Science from the University of Arkansas. Her Master of Public Health degree is from New Mexico State University, and her Bachelor of Arts degree is from Humboldt State University. Dr. Pearson has taught at Dona Aña Community College in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and at the University of Arkansas.

Dr. Pearson has published in the areas of payday lending, food affordability and other food access issues, college student attitudes toward eating patterns, adolescent eating and physical activity, and applying ecological models to nurses' risk of being overweight.

Courses Taught

  • HED - Health Education  PUBH - Public Health
    1. HED 101 - Health Essentials
    2. HED/PUBH 209 - Consumer Health
    3. HED/PUBH 230 - Foundations of Health Education
    4. HED/PUBH 320 - Environmental Health Education
    5. HED/PUBH 330 - Assessment
    6. HED/PUBH 370 - Trends in Health Education - Advocacy
    7. HED/PUBH 380 - Epidemiology
    8. HED 398 - Workshop - Politics of Food and Health
    9. HED/PUBH 410 - Community Health
    10. HED/PUBH 450 - Community Organizing and Coalition Building
    11. HED/PUBH 473 - Health Education Program Evaluation

Research Interests

  • Household and community food security
  • Neighborhood/community stability and development
  • Health, public policy, and the information environment
  • Professional preparation


  • Pearson, R., & Young, M. (2008). College Students' Judgment of Others
    based on Described Eating Pattern. American Journal of Health Education, 39, 213-220.
  • Pearson, R.*, Turner, L.W., Young, M., & Knickerbocker, C.
    (2008). Correlates of healthy eating and physical activity among students in grades 6-12. American Journal of Health Studies, 22, 170-178.
  • Chambers, R. (2007). An exploratory study of local food affordability and factors related to household food security and food purchasing decisions.
  • Chambers, R., Turner, L.W., & Hunt, S.B. (2007). Application of
    ecological models to risks of being overweight among nurses. Psychological Reports, 100, 815-816.
  • Chambers, R. (2005). Household food insecurity in Arkansas: Beginning the
    conversation. Arkansas Journal, 40(1), 13-15.
  • Chambers, R., & Turner, L.W. (2005). Knowledge, attitudes, and
    self efficacy as factors in osteoporosis preventive health behaviors and bone mineral density. Arkansas Journal, 40(1), 26-31.
  • Chambers, R., & Bailey, W. (2006). Payday Lending in Arkansas: Implications for Public Health. Arkansans Against Abusive Payday Lending. Available here 

    * formerly published as Rebecca L. Chambers

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