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Health Sciences

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Program Requirements

Program Admission Requirements:

Minimum requirements for candidacy for this program include:

  • Must be at least 18 years-old or older at the beginning of the course.
  • Evidence of a high school diploma or equivalency qualification with a 2.0 GPA or better (a GPA of 3.0 is strongly preferred).
  • Admission to Central Washington University
  • Current EMT-Basic / Intermediate certification or equivalent documentation active for one year or more required.
  • EMT experience with approximately 200 prehospital 911 calls with an Advanced Life Support EMS agency is preferred. It is recommended that students keep a log of their calls and include the agency name, date, nature of call and the student’s role during the call.
  • Letters of recommendation from a minimum of three medical professionals (preferably paramedics) involved directly or indirectly in the delivery of prehospital medical care.
  • Successful completion of interview by Selection Committee of the EMS Paramedic Program at Central Washington University
  • To be eligible for matriculation in the EMS Paramedicine major, all candidates must complete the General Education requirements prior to enrolling into courses of the major.   General Education Requirements may also be satisfied with the appropriate Associates Degree for transfer. PLEASE NOTE: Fulfillment of the General Education requirements is necessary for graduation and falls under the review by the Office of Admissions and not the EMS Paramedicine Program.  For more information on the General Education requirements, please go to:

Coursework Required for Program Entry:

  • Completion of college level anatomy and physiology series of ten or more credits with a 2.0 GPA or greater.  CWU's EXSC 350 and EXSC 351 is preferred.  BIOL 355 and BIOL 356 (and labs), or equivalent, are acceptable as an alternative.
  • Completion of EMS 440-Medical Mathematics and Medical Terminology in the Summer Quarter with a 2.0 GPA or greater in advance of entry into the Program.

Program Application Process:

  • All applications to the EMS Paramedicine Program must include a $25 application fee by check or money order made payable to: Central Washington University EMS Paramedic Program
  • Applications to the program are due June 11th by 5:00pm for Fall Cohort and Dec 7th for Spring Hybrid Cohort for consideration of candidacy in the following academic year’s program. You can access the application by clicking here. A paramedic screening committee reviews all applications. Qualified applicants are invited to attend a selection interview in April. Final selection of students by the Selection Committee is based on meeting the requisite entry requirements, scoring in the interview, the letters of recommendation, successful acceptance to Central Washington University by the deadline for selection.
  • An invitation to attend the Paramedic Program is contingent upon recommendation of the Selection Committee. Approximately twenty-six to thirty students are selected each year. Offers of acceptance are mailed to successful applicants on or around May 1st. Some candidates may be invited to be placed on a wait list in the event that candidate opportunities arise due to withdrawal or attrition.

Transfer Students:

  • Students from another educational institution that have not yet completed their paramedic education cannot transfer the earned paramedic education into EMS Paramedicine major at CWU as advanced placement.  The EMS Paramedicine Program at CWU does not accept applicants with partially completed paramedic education.  Students with incomplete paramedic education must apply to the Program and will commence with the education from the beginning.  Advanced Standing option applies only to students that have successfully completed paramedic education and have earned the proper credentials attesting to their eligibility to practice.

University Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants to the paramedic program must also apply for admission to Central Washington University prior to the paramedic program application deadline date. Because of enrollment limitations set by the state legislature, if an applicant is admitted to the Paramedic Program but applies too late to the University to be accepted, the applicant will not be able to participate in the Paramedic Program. Although the Fall Quarter deadline for admissions is August 1st, enrollment has been closing as early as May. Admission to Central Washington University does NOT guarantee admission into the paramedic program.
  • Check with the Office of Admissions for additional requirements. To view transfer of credit information for students with a general associate’s degree, or with credits at other institutions, go to

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