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Health Sciences

College of Education and Professional Studies

Physical Rehabilitation Therapy Minor

The minor provides knowledge and skills related to physical-rehabilitative therapies: however, additional course work in specialized programs is required to obtain certification and licensure in order to practice. Students interested in becoming certified and licensed should contact the professional associations of interest for additional information. This minor may be of interest to students in a wide variety of pre-professional healthcare programs. Courses in this minor may also be used to satisfy requirements in other major programs.

A grade of C or higher is required in all courses in this minor.


Required Courses

Course Title Credits
EXSC 350 Gross Anatomy 3
EXSC 350LAB Gross Anatomy Lab 2
EXSC 351 Physiology 4
EXSC 351LAB Physiology Lab 1
EXSC 352 Assessment and Treatment of Athletic Injuries 4
EXSC 353 Physical and Orthopedic Assessment 4
EXSC 370 Biomechanics 4
EXSC 438 Therapeutic Exercise 3
EXSC 446 Sports Nutrition 3
EXSC 450 Physiology of Exercise 4
EXSC 450LAB Physiology of Exercise Lab 1
EXSC 452 Therapeutic Modalities 3
EXSC 470 Clinical Biomechanics 4
Total to Complete Minor:

40 Credits

For more information about the physical rehabilitation therapy minor, please contact Vincent Nethery.

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