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Four-year Plan for the EMS Paramedicine Major

The following table gives a brief illustration of a typical four-year plan for successful completion of the EMS Paramedicine major.  Satisfying the requirements of General Education and graduation requirements specific to you are directed by the General Academic Advising Office and/or the Degree Checkout Office.  The EMS Paramedicine Program has no purview over matters outside of the major.  The following table is merely a guideline. For a detailed four-year plan please click (Here).

  Fall Winter Spring Summer
Freshman Year General Education
EMS 250

General Education

General Education  
Sophomore Year General Education   EMS 440 General Education
EXSC 350
EXSC 350Lab
General Education
EXSC 351
EXSC 351Lab
Junior Year EMS 335
EMS 350
EMS 451
EMS 443
EMS 336
EMS 444
EMS 459    EMS 337    EMS 337LAB

EMS493 A
EMS 493B  EMS 441


EMS 493C

Senior Year

EMS 430
EMS 455
EMS 460    EMS 480
EMS 445    EMS 465

EMS 431
EMS 461
EMS 470
EMS 475
EMS 481
EMS 465
EMS 482
EMS 485
EMS 488
EMS 489        EMS 445
EMS 470 EMS 475 EMS 490 (Advanced Standing Students Only)


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