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Health Sciences

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Biomechanics in Clinical Physiology (B.S.) and Integrative Human Physiology (M.S.)

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Eric Foch, Ph.D.

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Education History

Post-doctoral Fellowship in lower extremity biomechanics, Department of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training at Boston University

Ph.D. in overuse knee injury biomechanics, at the University of Tennessee

M.S. in biomechanics and motor control, at the University of Illinois - Chicago

B.S. in exercise science, at the Unversity of Northern Colorado


Personal Statement

My primary research focuses on lower extremity biomechanics with an emphasis in knee injury biomechanics. Particularly, I aim to better understand the biomechanical factors associated with the etiology of overuse knee injuries in women runners and reduce their injury-risk. As an associate professor at a regional comprehensive university, I integrate my research experiences in the biomechanics classes that I teach. Beyond traditional course work, I have mentored and trained students interested in the biomechanics research process via independent studies. These students have been instrumental in me being able to collect data using our three-dimensional motion capture and electromyography systems in order to disseminate our work in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.


Courses Taught

EXSC 370 - Biomechanics (Offered: winter and spring quarters)

EXSC 470 - Clinical Biomechanics (Prerequisite: EXSC 370; Offered: fall and spring quarters)

IHP 575 - Musculoskeletal Biomechanics (Prerequisite: Introductory Biomechanics or Physics I; Offered: spring quarter)


Select Publications

Foch E., Brindle R.A., Pohl M., 2023. Lower extremity kinematics during running and hip abductor strength in iliotibial band syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Gait & Posture, 101, 73-81.

Milner C.E., Foch E., Gonzales J.M., Peterson D. Biomechanics associated with tibial stress fracture in runners: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Sport and Health Sciences, accepted 2022 (in press).

Foch E., Brindle R.A., Milner C.E., 2020. Weak associations between hip adduction angle and hip abductor muscle activity during running. Journal of Biomechanics, 110, Article 109965.

Foch E., Aubol K., Milner C.E., 2020. Relationship between iliotibial band syndrome and hip neuromechanics in women runners. Gait & Posture 77, 64-68.

Foch, E., Milner C.E., 2019. Coordination patterns and coordination variability in female runners with previous iliotibial band syndrome. Journal of Applied Biomechanics 35, 305-311.




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