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Nutrition Exercise and Health Sciences

B.A.S. Food Service Management

The B.A.S. Food Service Management degree is designed for those interested in obtaining the skills for managing a food service located in establishments such as a restaurant, hotel, university dining facility, hospital, public school district or resort. Prior to being admitted, the student entering the BAS - Food Service Management program will have:

  • Taken at least 20 credits of general education basic skills courses, including IT 101 or equivalent course;
  • Taken course equivalencies to NUTR 101  NUTR 240 and 240Lab, and ECON 201;
  • Prior to graduation students must have completed a minimum of 1000 hours of documented work experience in a food service setting which includes the approximately 500 hours completed in the NUTR 490 Cooperative Education experience. The documented work experience must be approved by the Food Service Management advisor and the department chair.

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Required Core Courses

Please Note: Completing these courses does not guarantee admission to Central Washington University or the degree program.

HRM 381-Management of Human Resources  5
MGT 380-Organizational Management  5
ECON 201-Principles of Economics Micro  5
NUTR 240-Introduction to Foods  2
NUTR 240 LAB-Introduction to Foods Lab  2
NUTR 101-Basic Nutrition  5
NUTR 342-Quantity Food Production and Service  4
NUTR 342LAB-Quantity Food Production and Service Lab  1
NUTR 448-Food Service Systems Management  4
MKT 360-Principles of Marketing  5
ADMG 385-Business Communications and Report Writing  5
NUTR 490-Cooperative Education 12
  Total Required Credits: 55

Department Approved Upper Division Electives Credits
- at least 6

Choose from the following:

NUTR 340-Management of Food Resources  2
NUTR 340 LAB-Management of Food Resources Lab  2
NUTR 345-Developmental Nutrition  3
NUTR 405-Hospitality Catering  3
NUTR 441-Nutrition and Aging  3
NUTR 446-Sports Nutrition and Weight Control  3
NUTR 447-Nutrition and Society  3
RMT 330-Principles of Retailling  4
RMT 340-Principles of Selling  4
GWS 302-Fundamentals of Viticulture and Enology  4
GWS 303-Major Wine Regions of the World  4
GWS 406-Professional Wine Analysis  3
ADMG 310-Business Professional Development  3
ADMG 355-Workplace Administration  4
ADMG 372-Leadership and Supervision  3
  Total Credits:  61