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Health Sciences

College of Education and Professional Studies

Bachelor of Science: EMS Paramedicine

EMS Paramedicine


This program is intended for those individuals who are seeking a career in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) profession as a paramedic. The EMS Paramedicine program offers several options including a Paramedic Certificate, a Bachelor of Science degree in Paramedicine, and an Advanced Standing option for practicing paramedics. The certificate program consists of the first year of the major (the clinical year) and enables the successful student to be eligible to take the National Registry Exam for Paramedic. The four-year degree provides a unique and intensive two-year concentration in paramedicine, that not only enables the student eligibility for paramedic certification, but also provides content to engender leadership abilities in EMS.


Students in the EMS Paramedicine major must earn 105 total credits. There are more courses offered than required, therefore, students have the option between three different pathways to program completion. For details about the three pathways, please contact Douglas Presta, Program Director for EMS Paramedicine.

Advanced Standing is an option for currently certified and practicing paramedics to earn their Bachelor of Science: EMS Paramedicine. This option is made available only for currently certified paramedics who received their education from accredited institutions, and who reside in a state that participates in online instruction with Washington state.

General Education requirements must be met prior to enrollment into the EMS Paramedicine major. General Education requirements may be satisfied through an approved academic plan at Central Washington University or by an approved degree to transfer at either the Associates or Bachelor level.


Required Courses for Entry

  • EXSC 350 - Gross Anatomy + LAB (5 credits)
  • EXSC 351 - Physiology + LAB (5 credits)
  • EMS 440 - Medical Mathematics and Terminology


Core Courses

To view EMS Paramedicine courses in the CWU Course Catalog, click HERE.

To view a typical four-year plan for the EMS Paramedicine major, click HERE.


Recommended Courses

These courses may aid students in academic progression and success within the EMS Paramedicine major, but are not considered courses in the major or core courses.

Course Title Credits
EMS 240 Advanced First Aid & Emergency Rescue 3
BIOL 201 Human Physiology* 5
BIOL 101 Fundamentals of Biology* 5
EMS 247 + LAB Wilderness Medicine + Lab 3
CHEM 111 + LAB Introduction to Chemistry + Lab* 5
COM 207 Introduction to Communications 4
ENG 102 Composition II - Reasoning & Research* 4
ENG 310 Technical Writing 4
MGT 380 Organizational Management 5
MATH 311 Statistical Concepts and Methods 5
NUTR 101 Introduction to Human Nutrition* 5
PHIL 115 The Meaning of Life* 5
POSC 325 Introduction to Public Policy 3
SOC 101 Social Problems* 5

*Courses that satisfy General Education requirements


Patrick Coffey
Academic Advisor for Health Sciences
(509) 963-3580

Douglas Presta
Program Director for EMS Paramedicine
(509) 963-1379

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