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Health Sciences

College of Education and Professional Studies

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Physiology

About our BS in Clinical Physiology

Human physiology is the combined study of human structure and human function. Within this major, you will participate in applying scientific research to the real-world problems that benefit your own community. You will also gain an appreciation for other communities outside of your own and the benefits scientific research has on each and every one of us. 

Student using Health Science's new facilitiesThe new Health Science building features state-of-the-art technology including 3D Anatomage tables, an ambulance simulator, and an environmental chamber that can simulate altitudes and temperatures!

“The relationships we have with our students are reciprocal—we get as much out of them as they do out of us.” Jared Dickinson, Director of Clinical Physiology 

Why Study Clinical Physiology at CWU?

A human physiology major prepares you for a job in a health-related field. It is also designed to promote critical thinking and analytical skills as well as effective writing, speaking, and presenting.  

The program aims to provide all skills necessary for students wanting to continue their education in graduate or specialized professional programs, preparing them for their next journey, as well as those seeking jobs in physiology upon graduation. 

Program Highlights

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Careers and Outcomes

Upon graduation, you will be equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in graduate school and/or professional fields of study. Graduates find opportunities in various physiology-related jobs, such as: 

  • Physical therapy, average annual wage: $92,920  
  • Physician’s assistant, average annual wage: $119,460 
  • Medical exercise specialist 
  • Nursing 
  • Occupational therapy, average annual wage: $89,470 
  • Chiropractic medicine

Portland, Vancouver, Hillsboro area ranked #8 as Top paying areas for Exercise Physiologists: $61,020  

If you are interested in continuing your education in a health-related field, find more information about Health Careers 

Degree Information

For information regarding pre-admission requirements, required and elective courses, please reference the 2022-2023 Academic Catalog.

Clinical Physiology 4-Year Academic Plan





Gen Ed Courses
CHEM 111 - 113
OR CHEM 181 - 183
NUTR 101
PSY 101

Gen Ed Courses
PHYS 111 - 113
OR PHYS 121 - 123
PHYS 181 - 183
EXSC 350 & 351LAB
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EXSC 351 & 351LAB
EXSC 353
EXSC 370
EXSC 450 & 450LAB
EXSC 470

BIOL 305
BIOL 306
EXSC 495
EXSC 456
EXSC 493

EXSC 493 Guidelines for Field Experience

*Most clinical healthcare professions require education beyond a bachelor's degree. Additional courses may be needed to satisfy all prerequisites for admission eligibility to some graduate and professional programs.  

Student Resources

To explore different healthcare career options, check out this Healthcare Career Guide

Contact Information

Dr. Jared Dickinson
Clinical Physiology Program Director
Office 205-F Extension: x2341

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