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CWU Does not offer a full Nursing Degree Program.

If you are looking to transfer to another school for a nursing program, common prerequisites to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs are:

  • CHEM 111, 112, & 113 with labs (Intro Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, & Biochemistry)
  • BIOL 305* & 306* (Human Anatomy and Physiology)
  • BIOL 322* (Microbiology)
  • MATH 311(Statistics, prerequisite: Math 130, or higher), or PSY 362 (no prerequisite)
  • PSY 313, (Developmental Psychology, prerequisite: PSY 101)
  • SOC 101, or 107
  • NUTR 101
  • ENG 101, and ENG102

This sequence of courses requires 2 years to complete at CWU.

*BIOL 220 is a prerequisite for this sequence and CHEM 113 is the prerequisite for BIOL 220 --- (Please note that these biology courses are offered on a limited basis)

Please note that virtually all schools require that students have earned their NAC (Nursing Assistant, Certified) credentials before admission into nursing school. The NAC credential is not available through CWU.

Sometimes pairing prerequisites for Nursing Programs in addition to completing a 4-year Bachelor Degree is perfect for a student's specific goals. Two such potential pathways are:

Public Health BS, Pre-Nursing Specialization

Biology BS, Biomedical Science Specialization

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