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Pre-Dental Hygiene Program at EWU

Eastern Washington University is one of few accredited schools in Washington State that offers a Dental Hygiene Program. If you are already a licensed dental hygienist with an Associate Degree from an accredited dental hygiene program, you may apply to EWU's Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene Degree Completion program (More information here). However, if you are looking to transfer for entry level dental hygiene education, prerequisites to their Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene Entry-Level Program are as follows:

  • BIO 220 (Introductory Cell Biology)
  • BIO 305 and 306 (Human Anatomy I and II) OR BIO 355 and 356
  • BIO 322 (Introductory Microbiology) OR 323 (Microbiology)
  • CHEM 111, 112, 113 (Introduction to Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry) with labs
  • COM 207 (Introduction to Communication Studies) 
  • PSY 101 (General Psychology)
  • NUTR 101 (Introduction to Human Nutrition)


For General Advising in the area of Pre-Dental Hygiene please contact Mary Cairns Park in the Professional Advising Office located at Bouillon 205. Her email address is and appointments can be made by calling 509-963-3423.

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