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Pre-Chiropractic FAQ's

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Can I Major in Pre-Chiropractic?

No, the pre-chiropractic program is not a major, but when taken along with the major of your choice it will prepare you with the right courses and a strong foundation to apply for chiropractic school. 

What Should I Major In?

While there is no specific major required by chiropractic schools to be admitted, there are, however, specific prerequisite courses required for admittance. This is to ensure the student has a strong foundation to prepare for the coursework of the program. Most students choose to pursue a B.S. in clinical physiology, because the coursework of this major and the prerequisites required by most chiropractic schools line up best. Please note that students planning on applying to chiropractic schools are strongly encouraged to research the specific prerequisites required by the school in which they wish to apply and to plan accordingly and seek advising to ensure the proper coursework is being taken.

What Should My GPA Be?

GPA requirements vary by school, but it is important to make sure your GPA is at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Students should note that some chiropractic schools also require a minimum GPA for science or prerequisite courses, so it is very important to research the GPA minimum of the school(s) you wish to apply to.  You need to ensure you are meeting (or exceeding!) the requirement. 

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