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Nursing Prerequisites Seattle Pacific University

General Information

Seattle Pacific University Nursing Program

Students must complete 90 transferrable credits by June prior to entry in the program. All general education courses must be done prior to entry into the program and must meet all equivalencies (see transfer equivalencies here). NOTE: you must complete the equivalent of SPU's general education requirements, not just follow CWU's general education program. A limited number of transfer students will be accepted.


Courses are listed here as the CWU equivalent requirements. Students should be sure to double-check any listed requirements.

  • CHEM 111/112/113 (Chemistry)
  • BIOL 355/356 (Human A&P)
  • BIOL 322 (Microbiology)
  • PSY 101 (General Psychology)
  • PSY 313 (Developmental Psychology)
  • NUTR 245 (Nutrition)
  • MATH 311 (Statistics...MATH 130 is a prerequisite for this course)

Admission Requirements

  • Professional letter of recommendation (sealed)
  • Official transcripts
  • Course descriptions of all courses taken
  • Prerequisite calculator page printed and submitted with application
  • 3.5 minimum GPA
  • Volunteer experience
  • Students holding a bachelor's degree ARE given preference

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