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Group Fitness

Meet Our Team of Instructors

Our Group Fitness classes are taught by trained, educated and motivated fitness enthusiasts. They are the best of the best! Some of our instructors are CWU students, some are CWU faculty or staff, and some are Ellensburg community members. Each of our instructors are professionally trained and certified. Our instructors love to teach Group Fitness and it shows!


Name: Abby
Favorite Exercise: Running, Hiking, and Teaching Group Fitness.
Farvoite Format: POUND

Employment: Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) as a care provider.


Name: Shannon
Hometown: Portland, OR
Major: Biomedicine
Favorite Format: Pilates
Why I Love Fitness: Interacting with clients & teaching them about exercise
Hobby: Mountain biking


Name: Jessica
Hometown: Sedro, WA
Favorite Format: Zumba
Why I Love Fitness: It is a great way for myself to relieve some stress while working on improving myself. I also find working out to be so much fun because I feel accomplished and better about myself every time I work out.
Hobby: Dancing


Name: Mackenzie
Hometown: Snohomish, WA
Major: Elementary Education & Early Childhood Education
Favorite Workout: Dancing
Why I Love Fitness: It gives me so much more energy and keeps me feeling healthy and good about myself!
Hobby: Reading & Zumba


Name: Jackie
Employment: Grebb Johnson Reed & Wachsmith LLP
Favorite Exercise: Insanity


Name: Korin
Hometown: Lake Stevens, WA
Major: Information Technology & Administrative Management
Favorite Workout: Bootcamp & Body Sculpt


Name: Katelyn
Major:Business administration; emphasis is Marketing Management
Favorite Exercise:  Dead lifts
Why I Love Fitness: There is always a positive energy!  


Name: Rachel
Major: Food Science & Nutrition
Why I Love Fitness: Fitness always improves my mood. Its's my favorite stress reliever and I always feel my best after a good workout!



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