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Group Fitness

Instructor Team

Our Group Fitness classes are taught by trained, educated and motivated fitness enthusiasts. They are the best of the best! Some of our instructors are CWU students, some are CWU faculty or staff, and some are Ellensburg community members. Each of our instructors are professionally trained and certified. Our instructors love to teach Group Fitness and it shows!

Abby Mertell

Name: Abby

Favorite exercise: Running, Hiking


Name: Jackie

Favorite exercise: Insanity

Name: Alex

Grade: Senior

Major: Accounting

Favorite exercise: I love Zumba and total body workouts. Exercising makes me feel great in all parts of my life!


Name: Meghan

Grade: Senior

Major: Nutrition and Dietetics

Favorite exercise: I am 100% totally in love and obsessed with yoga. It has transformed my life and makes everyday a little brighter. I love knowing that any time I am stressed, upset, have energy to burn, whatever, I can just hop on my mat and make everything better. Plus, getting to play with arm balances and inversions makes me feel so strong, which is such an amazing feeling!

Name: Becca

Grade: Post-Baccalaureate

Major: Physical Education and School Health

Favorite exercise: Lifting heavy weights! Strong is sexy! I love the way that exercising makes me feel physically, and the empowerment I feel from working my body past its limits.


Name: Caitlin

Grade: Senior

Major: Theatre Design and Production, Costuming

Favorite exercise: I love exercise in general because it's a great way to relieve stress and meet awesome people!


Name: Crystal

Grade: 5th year

Major: English Education

Favorite exercise: I love Group Fitness, its variety of options keeps me motivated and working hard, and I love being able to vibe off of the instructors' energy. Being surrounded by people who have the same positive attitude and drive is both inspirational and motivational.


Name: Elainna

Grade: Senior

Major: Law & Justice and Psychology

Favorite exercise: I love cycling and body weight exercises! My favorite thing about exercise is that feeling you get when you are drenched in sweat and know you did that and worked hard for it! I also love the music that's involved with exercise! 


Name: Hannah

Grade: Senior

Major: Clinical Physiology

Favorite exercise: I like being active and outside, but I especially love running and Zumba of course! My favorite thing about exercise is getting in the zone during your workout and surprising yourself with how much strength and potential you have. That, and the happy endorphins! 


Name: Heather

Grade: Junior

Major: Nutrition Science

Favorite exercise: Running! It's a great way to relieve stress and meet great people!