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Group Fitness

Group Fitness FAQs

What is our Group Fitness program all about?
You’ll enjoy a variety of formats and energetic music in a social atmosphere. Group Fitness is perfect for anyone looking to bust out a quick workout, without having to think too hard about how many reps to complete or what level to set the treadmill on. You have total flexibility and lots of choices – just ask yourself how much time you want to invest in your health and fitness and which types of exercise you enjoy most. Then pick a few classes from our schedule and you’re on your way to optimal fitness and fun!

Can anyone participate in classes?
All of our instructors are ready and able to teach to any fitness level. If you are a group fitness junkie and have been participating in our program previously, we have classes that can challenge you on multiple levels. And if you’re new to a group fitness class, we have classes that are offered specifically for you, so that you are comfortable and have a great experience!

How do I get involved?
After trying out all of our classes for free during Demo Days, purchase your Fitness Pass at the Front Desk of the Recreation Center.  All of our classes are drop-in, meaning that you can come to any class, any day, at any time (with your Fitness Pass, of course). 

Why should you participate?
The Group Fitness program is designed so that you have ultimate flexibility within your weekly exercise routine. If you don’t have a ton of time but want to focus on a given area such as fat burning, toning your legs or abdominals, or improving your flexibility, you can find a class that will help you meet your goals. And did we mention that each class is between 30 and 60 minutes? Group fitness classes are a very efficient use of your workout time! If you’ve got extra time and want a more intense workout, take a couple classes per day. Whatever works best for you and your body!

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