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Group Fitness

Class Descriptions

ABS GLUTES AND ARMS: Want a firm it up?? Get in here! Exercises for abs and glutes and arms are the primary goal, plus additional work for muscle groups connected to these areas!

BATTLING ROPES: Get ready for a challenging workout that will strengthen and condition your entire body!  Don't worry this class can be modified for beginners too!

CYCLING and ABS: Enjoy a fun and challenging cycle workout! Burn major calories and firm up your whole body! Also tone your abs at the end.  Burn up to 550 calories.

INTRO TO KETTLE BELLS: This class will teach you all about kettle bells, giving you fast results for strength, endurance, and muscle toning! 

RISE RIDE AND REPS:  Get your weekend started right with this total body workout! Start the class with cycling and mix in weight training that will tone all major muscles!