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Gingko Petrified Forest lecuture with Nick Zentner

I'm presenting "Gingko Petrified Forest" this Wednesday, May 22, 2013.  7:00 pm at Hal Holmes Center @ Ellensburg Public Library (209 N. Ruby St).  Free and open to all!

These new lectures will feature a mix of chalkboard drawing, photos, maps, and plenty of video clips.  In addition to video clips from KCWU-TV's 'Central Rocks' programs, we will debut episodes from a brand-new '2 Minute Geology' video series created for .

Future lectures:
Wed, May 29    Yakima River Canyon
Wed, June 5    Wenatchee Ice Age Floods
Wed, June 12     Palouse Falls

Thanks to the Ellensburg Pubic Library and the Cole Charitable Trust for sponsoring this lecture series.  Should be fun!

Additional info for NEW Geology Lectures at Hal Holmes Center with Nick Zentner

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