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Karl Lillquist Journal Publications

Journal Publications

Single-grain luminescence dating of sediment surrounding a possible late Pleistocene Artifact from the Wenas Creek mammoth site, Pacific Northwest, USA. Geoarchaeology 29: 16-32 (2014) (3rd author with Patrick Lubinski and James Feathers).

The Post-World War II Origin and Evolution of Mountain Snowshoes and Mountain Snowshoeing in North America. Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers 75: 140-166 (2013) (sole author).

Farming the Desert: Agriculture in the World War II-era, Japanese-American Relocation Centers. Agricultural History 84(1) (Winter 2010).

The late-glacial Wenas Creek mammoth site (45YA1083) in central Washington. Current Research in the Pleistocene 24: 178-180 (2007) (3rd author with Patrick Lubinski, Bax Barton, Morris Uebelacker, and Jake Shapley).

Teaching with Catastrophe: Topographic Map Interpretation and the Physical Geography of the 1949 Mann Gulch, Montana Wildfire (sole author).Journal of Geoscience Education 54 (5): 561-571 (November 2006).

Historical Glacier and Climate Fluctuations at Mount Hood , Oregon (1st author with Karen Walker). Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 38 (3): 399-412 (October 2006).

The Moxee City ( Washington ) Mammoth: Morphostratigraphic, Taphonomic, and Taxonomic Considerations (1st author with Steve Lundblad and Bax Barton). Western North American Naturalist 65(4): 417-428 (October 2005).

Stream Tables and Watershed Geomorphology Education (1st author with Pat Kinner). Journal of Geoscience Education 50 (5): 583-593 (November 2002).

Mass Wasting in the Swauk Watershed , Washington Physical Geography 22 (3): 237-253 (May-June 2001).

Hydro-Isostatic Deflection and Tectonic Tilting in the Central Andes: Initial Results of a GPS Survey of Lake Minchin Shorelines (fifth author w/ B.G. Bills, S.L. de Silva, D.R. Currey, R.S. Emenger, A. Donnellan, and B. Worden). Geophysical Research Letters 21 (4): 293-296 (1994).

Holocene Fluctuations of the Coe Glacier, Mount Hood . Mazama LXXII(13): 32 (1990).

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