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Energy Studies Minor


Elvin Delgado
Dean Hall 311
Phone: (509) 963-2184


Central Washington University is an award winning energy leader among the state's institutions of higher education. The interdisciplinary Energy Studies Minor reflects and maintains that leadership, and integrates the programr within the university operations.

An important goal at CWU is to help students become informed American and world citizens, and, thus, strong Earth stewards. In the Energy Studies Minor, students learn the language and underlying science/technology of energy, evolving world energy use patterns, the factors influencing energy policy, and energy's role in their future.

Energy consumption and its impact on the environment is one of the most pressing issues that we, as global citizens, face today. Given the rapid changes occurring in the energy field, employment demand for energy professionals will increase significantly. The Energy Studies Minor will serve as an invaluable investment for careers, while also providing knowledge and understanding for informed perspectives and enriching personal lives.



The Energy Studies Minor introduces technical concepts and language, investigates energy use patterns, and examines the environmental, legal, institutional, and economic factors influencing energy policy and use.



Students who complete the Energy Studies Minor will:

  • Learn the language and underlying science/technology of energy.
  • Develop an understanding of current and projected global energy use patterns and related environmental conflicts.
  • Learn the legal, institutional, and economic factors that influence energy policy.
  • Become informed community members, able to critically discuss energy issues and contribute to the local, national, and global debate over them.
  • Understand  the aspects of sustainable energy use.


Minor Faculty

The Energy Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program in the College of the Sciences. Courses are offered by a number of experienced and interested faculty from several departments across the university.


Energy Studies Minor Curriculum


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