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Fall 2019 General Education Courses

Winter 2019 General Education Courses

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We have some great topics scheduled. See the list below for a quick overview of sections by prefix, and do a class search in MyCWU to find out what days/times these intriguing courses meet!

For a description of Fall 2019 First Year Experience (184), download the First Year Experience Course Descriptions document.

Fall 2019 General Education Courses
First Year Experience Course Descriptions

Fall 2019 FYE (184) Course Topics

*Please note that the list below may not reflect all fall offerings, or may list some topics that ultimately are not offered this fall. (See the fall schedule via MyCWU to choose your 184!)

ABS 184 Black American Film This seminar will focus on Black American experiences and culture through the prism of Black American film. Students will discuss, analyze, and engage with critical themes including race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomics, activism and higher education in Black American film.
ACCT 184 Accounting: Beyond numbers, Exploration of Accounting Profession

This course is a survey of the different areas across the accounting profession. Students will be exposed to all areas of accounting including: tax, auditing, managerial, financial reporting, budgeting analysis, fraud, international, and information systems.

ADMG 184 Idea Machines, Techniques and technologies to foster innovation and entrepreneurism Develop a creative and technological problem-solving skill set applicable to everything from academic projects, to entrepreneurial development, to innovative solution building for the increasingly complex problems facing society as a whole.
ANTH 184 ANTH Extraordinary Creatures, The Anthropology of Extraordinary Creatures and Where We Find Them Across cultures and throughout time, people have reported coexistence with extraordinary creatures, many of which figure prominently in folklore. Students apply critical thinking to understand the basis for such claims and their cultural significance.
ART 184 Art, Design, and Human Perception This course will explore not only how to engage the viewer through the senses, but it will also explore the psychological aspects of how and why we perceive the world the way we do.
ASP 184 Freaks, Victims & Heroes: Portrayals of People with Disabilities in Popular Media and Games Portrayals of degrees of ability (sensorimotor; cognitive). Physical and social barriers to independent and meaningful life for people with disabilities. The role of accessibility competence in culture and careers. Legislation entitling accessibility in public accommodations.
BIOL 184 Biology of Human Health Explore advances in biomedical science, human health and disease, existing and emerging methodologies in assessing disease, treatments, and potential careers. Gaining better understanding of academic and personal expectations required to pursue a career in healthcare.
BIOL 184 Climate Change: Are we screwed? A data-driven exploration of the causes and impacts of climate change, as well as potential solutions.
COM 184 Personal branding in the Social Media Age Students will explore the elements of building their own personal brand within new digital platforms. Students will examine how others see their social media personality and how it reflects on their professional character. (33 words)
COM 184 Women and Minorities in the Media Use media literacy elements as informed consumers of media messages. Recognize stereotypical representations of women, people of color, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and ethnic and religious minorities in a variety of media.
COTS 184 Beyond Stress Management: A Look into Resiliency and Grit We will investigate, discuss and discover how to develop resilience and grit. Students utilize experiential exercises to understand, apply and learn how to take a stressful situation and turn it into personal growth and development.
COTS 184 Black Elk: A Lakota American Indian Visionary Examines the Lakota Indian lifeway on the grassland Plains of North America. Archaeology, ethnography, oral history, and historiography of Black Elk and his people are placed into an interdisciplinary context. (30 words)
COTS 184 Conspiracy Theories in the 21st Century This course examines various aspects of conspiracy theories; their origins, their relation to actual conspiracies, their psychological basis, their influence on political and organizational decision making, and their relation to cults and cult-like thinking.
COTS 184 Mind Games In this course students will discuss statistical and psychological concepts involved in the design and play of modern board games, ultimately using these principles to propose a game of their creation.
COTS 184 When Will I Ever Use This? Students will apply math and science like STEM professionals through a service learning project guided by a driving STEM question. Students will develop STEM-based problem-solving skills while supporting the local community. (31 words)
COTS 184 Why Clever People Believe Stupid Things Integrating across the sciences including social, natural, and computational sciences. Students will study real-world cases, analyzing the ramifications of each case to individual areas of interest, as well as to science as a whole.
CS 184 New and Advancing Technologies New technological developments will be introduced and explored, developing methods of inquiry via research and hands on investigations. Students will study the application of these developments in managing and solving problems, both personal and societal.
ECON 184 Economy and Environment Analyzing the interaction between economy and the environment, relating economic theory to issues, and assessing relevant scientific and policy information pertaining to topics such as climate change, fishing, pollutants, natural amenities and ecosystem services.
EDLT 184 Literacy in a Global Society Exploration of specific global literacy topics based on particular interests/curiosities, used to gain understanding, skills, and experience related to engaging in academic inquiry to develop engaging presentations and empathy with others and towards global issues.
EET 184 Shocking Electrical Inquiries! Exploration of electronics engineering through history, modern case studies, current advancements, unique applications, careers, diversity and its future.
ENG 184 Body Diversity & Positivity Students will explore conversations surrounding body positivity, fatness, body diversity, and radical self-love occurring in activist, academic, and pop culture settings. We will use critical approaches from feminist, gender, and fat studies to analyze texts.
ENG 184 True Crime in Popular Culture This class explores texts, both digital and print, of the true crime genre. We will analyze the presentations of these crimes and discuss the reasons for the current popularity of true crime stories.
ENG 184 Zombies in Popular Culture This course explores the Zombie and its evolution in popular culture through page and screen. Students learn to analyze the ways in which Zombie texts have expanded to both reflect and shape culture and society.
ENST 184 Biodiversity or Bust In this course, we will examine the different ways that biodiversity benefits human society and threats to biodiversity. A major goal of the course will be to evaluate ways to reduce human impacts on biodiversity.
ENST 184 Building Green Communities This course examines new models of green community design, focusing on resilience and sustainability in the face of climate change. Students will explore connections between social justice, climate change, and the built environment.
ENTP 184 Boss Class Developing evidence-based venture creation skills involving research, planning, thoughtful experimentation, understanding others’ needs’, and informed interest in technology, skills, service, or social sphere. To develop, test, and introduce a new product/service to the public.
FCL 184 Life on Loans Understand the basics of balancing a full-time student budget. The course will highlight how society portrays the expenses of millennial life versus the reality. Different student subculture lifestyles (academic, rebel, vocational, collegiate) will be explored.
FCS 184 Be a Pro in Education and Life, Professionalism in Education and the Workplace Develop professional skills for college/life success. These skills will Include: managing time, making connections, exploring options, becoming mindful, communicating well, connecting with others, thinking critically, researching and writing effectively, empathizing, and better representing yourself.
FILM 184 Exploring Independent Filmmaking Models Exploring Independent Filmmaking Models: films to understand the complex history and contemporary model of independent filmmaking. Emphasizing how films function creatively, economically, and culturally. Students will create independent film production companies based on models.‚Äč
FIN 184 Finance Beyond Wall Street What does it mean to have a career in Finance? Beyond Wall Street, there are many more possibilities. Corporate, personal, government finance, investigate and critically consider personal/career benefits from a better understanding of Finance.
GEOG 184 Ellensburg's Secret Places, You Live Here. An Introduction to Kittitas County There are many interesting opportunities within the Kittitas Valley for both outdoor and indoor activities. Geographic introduction and physical exploration (requiring moderately strenuous hikes) highlight the area’s formation and recreational possibilities.
GEOG 184 Risky Business: Hazards in Washington An introduction to risks associated with living with environmental hazards in Washington, including principal causes, related physical processes, and socio-economic problems. Hazard assessment techniques and management practices designed to mitigate impacts are also examined.
GEOL 184 Geologic Hazards in the PNW Learn about which geologic hazards have shaped our region and how has our understanding of these hazards evolved through time. Investigate how future hazards might affect and continue to reshape our local communities. Discuss recent and current events to better understand the role that hazards play in our lives. Possible geologic hazards to be included in this course: earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and floods.
GEOL 184 Antarctic Exploration Explore the natural and human history of Antarctica. Investigate how the natural history of Antarctica influences the discovery, exploration, exploitation, and scientific investigations of the Continent. Readings from historical journals as well as current papers.
HED 184 Healthy Bodies, Healthy Mind Identify time management strategies, set appropriate financial/personal/academic goals, and critically analyze personal behaviors as either contributors or inhibitors to success. Emphasis on discussion, current research, investigative lab experiences, journaling, self-discovery, mentorships, to build positive relationships.
HED 184 Controversial Issues in Sports and Health Students will gain an understanding of current issues and controversies in sports and health by applying critical thinking to research, facilitate, and deliver dynamic presentations that will increase their overall communication and public speaking skills.
HIST 184 Americans and Other Animals-An Historical Exploration

"Animals and Americans" examines changes in human-animal relations in North America across the centuries in order to understand how and why those relations have changed, and what those changes bode for the present and future.

HIST 184

Games and Analysis

Students engage in historical scenarios and assume the character of people from the global past, using primary document research attain goals and form coalitions with other players via persuasive writing and public speaking.

HRM 184

Careers in Business

Identify successful (as they define success) career paths in business through education, experiences and research. Engage in both introspective and external research to determine different means, criteria and rewards of various careers in business.

HUM 184

Spies and Spy Fiction

This course explores the concept of "the Spy" and how it is influenced by and in turn influences real world, global political issues. The cold War and its influence on global community will be emphasized.

IT 184

Wired Cats: Information Technology at CWU

Learn vital skills in Canvas LMS,, Microsoft Office, the online library, etc. Course introduces critical thinking strategies employed by IT professionals for maximizing the potential of tools and troubleshooting basic technical issues.

LAJ 184

Animals and the Law

Explore a range of legal issues concerning animals, including pet ownership, liability for animals that cause injury, and legal and ethical obligations in the treatment of animals.

LAJ 184

Biology, Crime and the Law

The seminar will examine ethical, legal, and policy implications of research and theory suggesting biological origins of criminal behavior, including anthropometry, twin studies, eugenics, evolutionary psychology, epigenetics, and biosocial criminology

LAJ 184

Hate, Obscenity, and the Law: The Limits of the First Amendment

Course will examine human behaviors that are protected (and not protected) under the First Amendment. An emphasis will be placed on hate speech, obscenity, fighting words, and defamation

PHIL 184

Humans and Animals

This course examines the boundary between human and nonhuman animals, and the resulting representations and practices. The course will focus on the basic understanding of humanity and animality and the ethical implications of those concepts.

POSC 184

Freedom and Authority

Examines individual freedom and maintenance of US social and legal order, in theory and practice. Students critically analyze tradeoffs between these two values (e.g., security v. privacy), connecting them to issues in their own lives.

PUBH 184

The Choices We Make

Engagement with ideas, ideals, and values related to societal issues/conditions contributing to individual/ community outcomes. Discussion of personal and public decisions as reflecting, and affecting, our thinking, what is “normal” in society, and “common sense.”

RELS 184

Why Religion Matters

Explore how/why people have been and continue to be religious. Reflect critically on personal ideas about the religions of the world. Analyze, critique, and evaluate various theories and approaches use to study religion.

SCM 184

Supply Chain Management - Delivering Value

From delivery of online purchases, to distribution of emergency supplies, to assembly of commercial airplanes, supply chain management touches many parts of our daily lives. SCM 184 explores how SCM delivers value locally and globally.

SHM 184 Safety Culture and Storytelling

Learn how to evaluate the role of safety culture in improving the employee experience and investigate the use of storytelling as a method of communication for enhancing safety culture and employee training.

SOC 184

Conspiracy Networks

This course will use classic and contemporary cases of criminal conspiracies as a medium to scientifically study the social structure and culture of secret societies and illicit networks.