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Brewster March 2011 Newsletter

LIGO Visits Science Classrooms

Dale Ingram from the LIGO Observatory in Hanford, WA visited Brewster High School on February 22nd. He visited the Biology, Advanced Biology and Chemistry classes. His goal was to show students that sciences involves a lot of mathematical processes and to allow students to experience using math to solve science problems. Dale set up stations around the science classroom involving lazers and prisms, maps and globes, tuning forks, mirrors - regular and curved and magnifying glasses. The students performed experiments which involved higher-level math skills and had problems and most seemed excited about them. Students rotated around the stations and ended each class period with Dale answering questions and talking about the solutions that were reached.

What's Happening

March 7 - PAC Meeting

March11 - Senior project deadlines

March 12 - SAT test

March 24, 25 - Student-led Conferences

March 26 - Saturday Cram Session

March 31 - End of 3rd Qtr.

Financial Aid Night

There was a GEAR UP family dinner on February 23rd. Rebecca Hightower was the guest speaker, presenting information about financial aid. 30 family members attended the dinner and they heard Rebecca speak about the upcoming FAFSA for this year's juniors. The dinner was attended by mostly juniors and their families. There were 3 seniors in attendance and Rebecca had them give input on their experiences with filling out applications, applying for scholarships and completing the FAFSA. Rebecca also spoke about the difference between federal and private scholarships and aid. Students can begin working on personal statements, she said even now to avoid having much so much to do as seniors. Rebecca had materials for families to take home, including a checklist for students, a list of scholarships and links to financial aid websites like WASHBOARD and FAST WEB. She stressed the importance of being aware of scams and not paying any money, if asked to do so. Also spoken about was an opportunity for juniors to apply for a summer program at the UW for aspiring doctors. One student did apply after hearing about the program. Rebecca also told the hearing about the upcoming Nordstrom Scholarship. Families then had a pizza dinner.

Oroville Career Fair

86% of Seniors Accepted Into Post Secondary Ed

Twenty five GEAR UP students attended the career fair in Oroville on February 9th. The format of the fair was such that speakers spoke to an audience of different students every 15 minutes or so. Students then rotated to the next speaker that they were interested in. Brewster students got to hear from about many different careers and said  that it was a great experience, enabling them to find out about careers more in depth than they had before.

Fifty four students out of 63 have been accepted into post-secondary education. One hundred percent have applied to college, universities or the military.



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