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Brewster January/February 2011 Newsletter

Seniors Attain 94% Post Secondary Application Rate

The main goal for GEAR UP in 2010-11 is to have 100% of seniors apply to post secondary education. This can be applying to trade/tech school, apprenticeships, community colleges,  universities or the military. As of 2/1/11, 58 seniors had applied to post secondary education. Thirty seven of those students applied to community colleges, 20 applied to universities and one applied to the Navy. Most of these students took a class called senior core that makes it required for all students to write personal statements, fill out a university  application to WSU, apply for scholarships, apply to colleges or universities and complete  the FAFSA.

45% of Seniors Accepted into Post Secondary Education

As of 2/11/11, twenty-three seniors were accepetd into community college, thirteen were accepted in a university and one was accepted into the Navy. Below is a list of the students who have been accepetd into a college or university:

Andres Acuna, Coby Allen, Alejandra Angel, Jorge Barrios, Gricelda Castro, Ashley Dezellem, Clay Divis, Darlina Fernandez, Matthew Fisher, Corina Gebbers, Ashley Hammons, Holly Hammons, Yaritza Ibarra, Paula Isidro, Carlee Jarrell, Kyle Joyner, Bernardo Martinez, Sergio Narango, Mayra Pamatz, Ana Pamatz, Cinthia Perez, Monica Perez, Jorge Rincom, Melissa Romo, Katiee Rosario, Amanda Sanon, Cory Squires, Cassandra Torres, Esteffanie Torres, Alex Urias, Jesus Varelas, Edith Vargas, Clark Wengel, Robi Wilborn, Amanda Youngsters, Laura Zamudio and Emmanuel Rubio.

What's Happening

January 8th - Saturday Cram

January 15th -  Saturday Cram

January 21st - End of 1st Semester

February 9th - Orovoille Career Fair

February 12th - ACT test

February 22nd - LIGO

February 23rd - Parent Night

Spokane Community Colleges

Twenty Brewster students, along with 20 Bridgport students, toured the campuses of Spokane Fall Community College and Spokane Community College on January 26th , 2011. Students toured the pre-medical  field departments, as well as the art departments. While on the campus of Spokane Community College, students visited the cosmetology program, the culinary arts program, the automotive department and the cafeteria. Students reported that they thought the tours were well done and informative. All of the field trip attendees from Brewster were seniors, many of whom have already applied to the community colleges.

New Computers in Library

The school district purchased 24 new computers for the library computer lab. Updates were installed and new software, including Office 2010. Also purchased for the district were 2 computer carts with 20 computers each. Teachers can check out the carts and allow students to use the laptops which are hooked to a wireless printer that is on the top of the cart. There is one cart per building but any building can use both at one time.

Saturday End of the Semester Open Library

GEAR UP opened the library and computer lab for 4 hours for students the two Saturdays before the end of the first semester grading period.

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