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Brewster December/January 2009

Students, Flavio, Alexis, and Todd, work hard during the CLAWS advisory period here in Brewster. The GEAR UP director, Sue Johnson, is an advisor and works with ninth grade students for a half an hour each day. The CLAWS advisory and works with ninth grade students for a half an hour each day. The CLAWS advisory period follows the Nav 101 curriculum, along with giving students time each week to work on their assignments. All students in seventh through twelfth grade attend CLAWS every day.

What's Happening

January 28 - OVGU field trip to Big Bend Community College

February 6 & 27 - Tutor Training 2 WVC Omak

February 20 & 27 - High School Open Library, end of quarter study session

March 16-18 - High School WASL

March 24-26 - Student Led Conferences

Students visit BBCC

Six GEAR UP students traveled to Big Bend Community College on January 28th. These students got to tour two departments of their choosing. The choices were automotive repair, aviation training and repair, electronics, nursing and medical assisting. These six students reported that their tour of campus and of their chosen departments was very informational and helped them to see what is available to community college students. They also listened to a speaker from BBCC, Jose Esparza, who encouraged students to go on to college or a university in order to earn more money and to make themselves more hireable, which is especially important given the depressed economy. Students ate a meal at the campus cafeteria and reported that the selection and the food was very good.

9th Grade Activities off to a Good Start

Brewster is holding its 9th grade activities throughout January and February. The entire class meets in the gym to hear from speakers. Linda Dezellem, principal, spoke to the students about the importance of keeping their grades up in order to have a good transcript and to better their chances of getting into the school of their choice. She also spoke about how doing well is very important, given that with the new 25 credit graduation requirement that Brewster adopted and began this year. "You don't have much wiggle room", she said, meaning that if a student fails a class or two, they will end up not graduating on time with their classmates or having to take classes on their own outside of school. The second speaker was Leroy Werkhoven. The students received him well and listened attentively as he spoke about how getting 4 years of education can, over a lifetime, earn you $1,000,000 more than if you just graduate from high school. "Choose your friends wisely," he said, "for they will make more decisions for you than you will make for yourself."


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