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Game On!

Recognition from the Central Washington University for the programme 'GameOn!' from the Real Madrid Foundation, Microsoft and the CWU

Game On! Awards Luncheon

The Central Washington University (CWU) has given the honorary counsel of Spain, Luis Fernando Esteban, recognition for his work with the Real Madrid Foundation, Microsoft and CWU, for the creation of the program GameOn! The project is aimed at young people who are at an economic disadvantage and it combines the excitement of football for social development and leadership, computer programming and educational betterment.

Sharon O'Hare, vice president of enrolment management at CWU stated: “We are so lucky to have had the counsel Esteban alongside us since the start of Game On! He believes in taking advantage of the alliances that help the youth in Washington and actively takes part so that these efforts become a reality”.

The counsel Esteban was key in linking up with the Real Madrid Foundation, who allowed for coaches to visit CWU every year. He also fosters the creation of opportunities for members of GameOn! taking part in socio-sporting activities, such as the sporting campus, clinics and training for coaches with the methodology For a REAL education: values and sports.

Consul Esteban explained: "It is an honor to have received such recognition from CWU and I will use it to ensure the full commitment of our principal partner in Spain, Real Madrid, so that together we can help students who need it most and expand Game On! over the coming years. Seeing so many young Hispanic students taking part in this program and making the leap to college means all our time and effort has been well spent”.

Article published online at the Real Madrid Foundation.

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