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Jim and Kelly Ockerman Give $50,000 for Unlock if CWU GiveCentral Meets 500-Donor Goal

Jim and Kelly Ockerman have generously gifted $50,000 to the CWU Foundation to provide need-based scholarships to students pursuing a degree in Aviation as a professional pilot.

Jim and Kelly both graduated from Central Washington University in the mid 80s and embarked on their careers while raising their family in Olympia, WA. It is their passion to see the world, most often flying to destinations for business or personal travel experiences.

As a 30-plus year employee of Boeing, Jim has witnessed the changes that the world growth in airline traffic has meant to the industry and the positive impact it has had on the world. There is a growing need for trained pilots, and Central Washington University is well positioned to meet this challenge, as one of the few universities building this capability.

Over many years, recipients of this scholarship will be part of an industry that connects and celebrates the diversity of people and richness of world cultures. In some small way, each will have the potential as individuals, and through their passion, to enable a global mindset that makes the world seem a little smaller and accepting of differences.

Jim and Kelly hope that recipients will benefit from this scholarship and have full, successful lives that enable them to experience the joy of a good career and quality of life. That with this success, they can also invest in future students to realize their personal dreams.

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April 26, 2018


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