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Impact Stories

Graphic image of students walking on CWU campus and CWU Foundation logo

Photo of students on CWU campus

Each year, Central Washington University seeks opportunities to enhance the educational experience for its students, opportunities for its faculty and staff, and its presence in the global marketplace. Donors help the university relieve financial burden of students, and support vital student-life activities that make CWU extraordinary.



Click to read about your gifts in action. Meet students who are direct beneficiaries of your philanthropic support.



Gifts large and small play an important role at the CWU. Gifts contribute to the accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff, and academic programs, and every gift has a story. CWU is honored to feature donor accounts from our CWU family of donors. Click to read and add your story today.


Follow the latest news about CWU, the Foundation, and our CWU donor family and the impact on Central students. Click here to view the news stories.

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