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Gift to CWU Music Honoring Gary Weidenaar

An anonymous donor has bequested $250,000 to create a music scholarship in the name of Gary Weidenaar for vocal performance majors and music education majors with voice as their instrument. Dr. Weidenaar is a CWU professor of music and director of choral studies. 

When asked about Dr. Weidenaar, the donors said, “Gary is an influential and nationally respected choral conductor who led many outstanding choral groups during his tenure at CWU. Gary has had significant impact on many students’ lives. In his early years at Central, he opened up his men’s choir to men of the community who wanted to sing.” 

One of the donors sang with the men’s choir for five years. His exposure to Dr. Weidenaar’s teaching style and wide range of performance music greatly impressed him and led to a much greater appreciation for the challenges and joy of choral and operatic singing, and music in general. 

The donors have been lovers of all forms of music, especially classical, folk, and jazz. Both with postgraduate degrees, they recognize the need for secure financing of education, especially in the Arts. They hope this music scholarship will benefit a student who, in the course of their career and life, emulate and multiply Dr. Weidenaar’s example in spreading the joy of music to the world. 


April 2018


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