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Dingus family donates in spectacular fashion during the #GiveCentral campaign

Tom and Wendy Dingus, both CWU grads, along with a group of prominent alumni and friends of the university leading the charge for #GiveCentral, have collectively agreed to unlock $125,000 in scholarship and program support. The unlock challenge is meant to encourage 500 donors to participate in the #GiveCentral campaign.

The two have given a gift of $25,000 for this event, to be used to support an accounting scholarship for first generation students.

They both studied accounting at Central, Tom graduating in 1986 and Wendy in 1990.  They met while working at LeMaster & Daniels in Spokane. In 2003, Tom co-founded the firm Dingus, Zarecor & Associates and is now the sole owner of the firm. They have two daughters, one currently attending Western Washington University and the other a student at University High in Spokane.

Tom is the former president of the Washington and Alaska Chapter of Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).  He has served as an officer and board member for over ten years and received HFMA’s Medal of Honor in 2003. He was also previously had been awarded HFMA’s Muncie Gold Merit Award. Tom has also served as a co-chair of the Spokane Chapter of the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants’ (WSCPA) not-for-profit and membership committees. He is also currently a member of Central Valley School District’s Board of Directors. Tom and his wife, Wendy (also a CWU grad), are the parents of two girls.

"We are both first-generation college graduates with our accounting degrees from CWU.  Our accounting degrees from CWU helped set us on a good path through life.  It is time to begin paying it forward to future generations."

“We’d like to thank these individuals for their tremendous support and investment in the lives of our students,” said Scott Wade, vice president for university advancement. “We invite other members of the Wildcat family to join them in donating any amount of money to the scholarship or program of their choice.  Every gift counts and allows CWU to continue to offer the best educational experience in the West.” he continued.

To learn more or give today, click here.

Origionally published - 4/26/17

Contributing writers - Joey Castonguay (Student PR and Content Intern)

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