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Dematic Donates Equipment for CWU Senior Project

Sadie Mensing is a CWU senior in the Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) Program, a major that she chose based on her love for math and interest in creating things from a very young age.


As a senior, Mensing is working on her senior project as part of her internship with Dematic, a supplier of integrated automated supply chain technology, software, and services.


“MET students are encouraged to extend their relationship with their internship entity by working on a project that meets the needs of both the Central student and the company,” said CWU MET professor Craig Johnson. “In the fall we address the problem in an engineering sense and design a solution, in the winter we fabricate a device we need to engineer a solution to the problem, and then in the spring we test and evaluate it.”


Mensing’s project with Dematic involves a new model of a conveyor that runs at a high rate of speed, causing small, lightweight packages to tumble or flip over. The orientation of packages on the conveyor is very important because they need to go through scanners, so finding a solution to minimize or eliminate disoriented packages is Mensing’s goal.


“In a rapidly growing industry we find ourselves needing to quickly innovate,” said Alex Fedewa, engineering manager for Dematic and Mensing’s internship supervisor. “The work Sadie is doing will help us better understand our current limitations and provide direction to our subject matter experts on where we need to improve our offerings. With this information, we can focus on areas we need to innovate to best suit our customers’ growing needs.”


In order for Mensing to be able to work on a solution to this problem, Dematic has made an in-kind contribution of their equipment to CWU for Mensing to use, and for students to use in the future. Mensing says that the contribution of equipment to Central has made working to find a solution much more successful.


“It meant a lot to me that the company I worked for made such a generous donation to my senior project,” said Mensing. “I cannot imagine my project being as successful if I was not able to have the equipment at CWU.”


This contribution to Central will also be a gift that keeps on giving, with MET professors noting that it will not just touch one program, but will beneficial to at least four of their six programs. 


“The hope is that we can continue to work with Dematic on different solutions based on their needs in the future,” said CWU MET associate professor Charles Pringle. “There is the opportunity to create synergy with other programs within the department, such as the Electronics Engineering Technology Program potentially doing PLC programing and working on vision sensors or barcode readers, the safety program assessing the safety of those working around the conveyor, and industrial technology students analyzing the entire process. There is certainly more opportunity to work with this, and we are hoping to leverage that and kick the ball further down the field.”


Mensing has signed on to work with Dematic after graduating as a solution design engineer and will begin working for them at the end of June 2020.


Story by: Robin Burck

June 2020

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