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Central Washington University Receives $20,000 Grant for High School Entrepreneurship Immersion Workshop

Central Washington University recently received a grant from an anonymous donor that will expand its highly successful The Many Faces of Entrepreneurship workshop to the Puget Sound area.

“We are delighted by the generous support from this foundation,” said Bill Provaznik, Director of the College of Business Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. “The CWU Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s mission is to make business ownership a reality for students whose backgrounds typically lack the availability of entrepreneurship as a career. Our programs have made this availability real for thousands of students in the central Washington region.”

The Many Faces of Entrepreneurship workshop was established in 2014 and held in Yakima, Washington with 300 students from economically distressed communities participating. Since then, participation in this annual workshop has continued to grow, now introducing The Many Faces of Entrepreneurship - Puget Sound, which will host its first workshop in the Des Moines area in spring 2019.

“The CWU College of Business has a growing number of students from the Des Moines area,” Provaznik said. “This region is richly diverse, highly entrepreneurial, and extremely critical about getting quality returns on their investments. While these factors made our school their first choice for education, they also are the fundamental ingredients for successful entrepreneurship.”

A collaboration between Washington State Schools and CWU I4IE resulted in the creation of The Many Faces of Entrepreneurship workshop with the purpose of giving high school students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with developing a market viable product.

“Not only do our CWU students become highly proficient at business and management techniques needed to work with high school students and accomplish a lot in the short time we have at the tournament, they experience the role of mentoring someone else through a process of developing their own commercialized ideas,” Provaznik said.

CWU anticipates that approximately 70 CWU Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship students will participate in the 2018 workshop along with four to five business professionals. CWU students and the business professionals will act as peer-to-peer mentors to the high school students and will judge the various market plans that the high school students will prepare.

The timeline for The Many Faces of Entrepreneurship - Puget Sound starts in March 2019 and ends in February 2020. The $20,000 grant will benefit activities that include:

• Reserving and confirming transportation to event for CWU faculty and students
• Sending information about the workshop to all participating schools
• Continuing conversations with potential business partners about event details
• Conducting the workshop

If you are interested in The Many Faces of Entrepreneurship program and wish to learn more or register today, click here.

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