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2014 Washington, DC Internship Nomination Form


D.C. Leadership Internship Student Nomination

(Please print and submit)

Nominations due at 5:00 p.m. April 18 at 421 N Main St or send to MS 7507.

The CWU D.C. Leadership Intern Program is a trip to Washington D.C. for exceptional students to broaden their horizons, meet CWU alumni, and experience the city that is the foundation of our national governmental system.

Airfare, lodging and a modest traveling stipend are included. 

Participants are ambassadors of CWU, so please include as much evidence of good character and noteworthy performance as available (attach additional information as needed). Eligibility requires that all nominated students maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 and will be entering their Junior or Senior year of academics in Fall, 2014. Students must be enrolled at CWU during the time of the trip to be eligible. This trip is not specific to any department of study and we will work to accommodate students from all academic areas. If you know a student who would flourish from an opportunity like this, please let us know.

Student Information

Name: ______________________________________________________________    
           (Last)                                                               (First)                                  

Student ID number: ______________________________________

Class Year in fall, 2014:           0 JUNIOR       0 SENIOR

Major(s): __________________________________________________________________


Minor(s): __________________________________________________________________

GPA (3.0min): __________

Student E-Mail: _____________________________________________________  

Nominator Information

Name: ______________________________________________________________     
           (Last)                                                              (First)                                 

Address: _____________________________________________________________

City: _______________________ State: ________Zip:__________________

Primary Contact #:______________________________________________________

Secondary Contact #:_____________________________________________________

Nominator E-Mail: __________________________________________________________________

Why do you think this student is a good candidate? Please include information about their involvement with you and/or your department, evidence of leadership, academic drive, and signs of exceptional character. (Attach additional sheets as necessary.)

For questions, please contact Sarah Scott at x 2160 or


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