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Spanish es Central!

Everything you need to know about the Spanish Program at Central Washington University!

Spanish BA - Four Year Plan - PDF


Spanish spoken in the worldThe Spanish Program at CWU conceptualizes Spanish as a colonialist language to the Americas that is nowadays also a subordinated language in the US, despite being the country with the second-largest population of Spanish speakers in the world. The instructors in this program are committed to create and protect a safe-space and anti-racist space in which all materials and activities embrace our diversity (gender identity, sexuality, disability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, and culture) and actively promote social justice within and beyond the classroom walls. 

**SPANISH is offered in Summer as an intensive first-year course**

Fun Fact about Spanish

Why study Spanish at CWU? 

The Spanish program at CWU offers a major and minor in Spanish.  Classes are small and student-centered.  The program offers students the opportunity to perfect their language skills to communicate effectively in both written and spoken Spanish, while also imparting the analytical skills necessary for broader academic study in culture, literature, and linguistics. A solid background in SDr. Eric Mayer helps a student with her Spanish assignment.panish language and culture is an asset to students who seek post-grad careers in education, international business, translation and interpretation, hospitality and tourism, and any other field that requires human contact and transcultural communication. 

Students in the Spanish program experience small classes and receive individualized advising and study plans, have the opportunity to participate in internships, independent studies and to study Abroad! Our students can travel to Spain to take intensive langue classes through the University of León with the Centro de idiomas de la Universidad de León, Spain. Additionally, the Spanish Program at CWU as endorses the unique experience to immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture by completing the Camino de Santiago with Spanish professor Eric Mayer (! Grab your backpack and your best hiking shoes and join them in an experience que te cambiará la vida ( a life-changing experience!). For more information on your Study Abroad opportunities at Central, please visit the Study Abroad page for available programs!  

Image of students doing the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella, Spain as a part of a Study Abroad Experience

Spanish Study Abroad is offered in the Summer!


Program objectives

The objective of the Spanish Language Program is to strengthen the cultural and linguistic resources of Spanish learners. Through a rigorous program of study, the students will: 

  • Cultivate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the Spanish language at the intermediate level on the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency scale
  • Demonstrate understanding, appreciation, and respect towards the sociohistorical contexts and peoples from Spanish-speaking countries and their descendants. 
  • Recognize and understand literary, linguistic, and cultural texts and apply digital tools across different texts and contexts. 
  • Engage the world with empathy and with an understanding of the diversity of human experience across Hispanic cultures. 
  • Acquire Cross-Cultural Competence in order to live and work in diverse conditions through a mix of theoretical, practical, and experiential coursework

Course Sequence

SPAN 151 (Fall Quarter) (5 credits) 

For students who are new to the language and have never studied Spanish in an academic setting. This course explores different topics relevant to Spanish-speaking communities and cultures focusing on developing elementary skills in listening, speaking, and writing. 

SPAN 152 (Winter Quarter) (5 credits) 

The second course in the first-year Spanish sequence is designed to build on the skills students have developed in SPAN 152 with particular emphasis on oral and written communication for every-day purposes.  

SPAN 153 (Spring Quarter) (5 credits) 

This is the last course of the First-year Spanish sequence and its main focus is to strengthen and solidify the oral, listening, writing, and reading skills students have developed in the two previous courses in this sequence, as well to prepare students to tackle the Second-year Spanish sequence.  

SPAN 251 (Fall Quarter) (5 credits) 

This is the first course in the Second-year Spanish Sequence. The course explores topics relevant to Spanish-speakers and cultures in different social contexts and situations. Students will build on previously learned Spanish and further develop their writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills in Spanish. 

SPAN 252 ( Winter Quarter)  (5 credits) 

The second course in the second-year Spanish sequence is designed to build on the skills students have developed in SPAN 252 moving from daily contexts to more professional spaces. 

SPAN 253 ( Spring Quarter) (5 credits)  

This is the last course of the Second year Spanish sequence and its main focus is to strengthen and solidify the oral, listening, writing, and reading skills students have developed in the two previous courses in this sequence, as well to prepare students to tackle upper-division courses in Spanish. 

Fun Fact#2: 31 countries have Spanish as official language

Spanish Major/Minor

A minor/major in Spanish provides students with linguistic and social skills to tackle any challenges of their professional and personal lives in a growing global world. Students minoring/majoring in Spanish will be able to further their professional advancement in a wide range of fields, such as health services, social welfare, marketing, journalism, educations, government, public administration, law& justice (to name a few).  After completing your minor, Spanish learners have the opportunity to take more advanced Spanish courses in translation and Interpretation, Culture and Literature, and Applied Linguistics.  

Major Requirements ( 50 credits) :

  • SPAN 251, 252, 253  (Second year Spanish)
  • SPAN 341 ( Comp & Gram)
  • SPAN 301 ( Intro to Literature)
  • SPAN 310 (Civ & Culture)
  • Must have 20 approved elective credits

Minor Requirements (30 credits):

  • SPAN 251, 252, 253  (Second year Spanish)
  • SPAN 341  (Comp & Gram I)
  • Must have 10 approved elective credits

*These minor and major plans do not account for any transferred credits or for any credit by examination. The maximum amount of credits that will transfer into the program or can be obtained through examination is 15.  

Additionally, the Spanish at CWU offers a wide variety of elective courses that introduce students to topics and disciplines related to the study of Spanish, such as Spanish phonetics, Sociolinguistics, Spanish, Latin American film and more! Additionally, elective courses also include courses within the El Centro Latinx for Latino and Latin American Studies. Don't forget to check out Latin and Latin American Studies!!! 

Fun Fact #3: you can earn up to $125 at the hour for teaching Spanish in the US


New to the language? 

If you've never studied Spanish before, just sign up for SPAN 151 starting in the Fall quarter so you can begin your first-year Spanish language sequence. 

Already know some Spanish?  

If you've studied Spanish previously (whether in high school, another college or university, or by yourself), let us know! We'll work with you to determine the best place for you to continue your study of Spanish at Central! View Spanish Placement Test for more information.

Spanish runs in my family… 

If you grew up in a Spanish-speaking household, we provide an alternate set of courses for Heritage Language Learners of Spanish ( Heritage Spanish Page). Heritage learners are students who have been exposed to Spanish in their homes or communities from a young age. As a consequence, they have developed a personal connection to Spanish and understand and/or speak the language with varying degrees of proficiency. The Heritage Spanish program at Central Washington University offers classes for every level, from beginning to advanced. 

If you have questions about placement or about where to begin, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrea Herrera-Dulcet ( 

Fun Fact #4: by the year 2050 the USA will be the largest speaking country

Te Esperamos en Central, 

The Spanish faculty team at Central.


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