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World Languages and Cultures

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Language Placement Testing


Instructions for Language Placement

Click on the link below that most accurately describes your language experience:


I have college credit in the language, including AP/IB scores.

You need to work with your academic advisor to figure out what is CWU’s equivalent to the course you have credit in (for example, Yakima Valley College’s Spanish 231 is equivalent to Central’s Spanish 261). The academic advisor for all World Languages and Cultures programs is Greg Rankin

If your transfer credit report has been processed, you can register yourself directly in the next level above. If your transfer credit has not yet been processed, email Summer Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures, Dr. Isakava:


I have a Washington State Seal of Biliteracy on my high school transcript.

​​​​​If you have WA Seal of Biliteracy, you are likely to be placed in the upper division 300 level language class. For Spanish, contact Dr. Herrera-Dulcet. For all other languages contact Summer Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures, Dr. Isakava


The language is part of my heritage. I heard and/or spoke it with family growing up. Or I am a CODA (child of Deaf parents). I have lived in a place where the language is spoken. 

For Spanish please message Dr. Herrera-Dulcet. For American Sign Language please message Dr. Petrites. For all other languages please message Dr. Isakava. They will help you find appropriate placement.


I studied the language in high school but did not receive college credit. 

Is the language Japanese, Korean, or American Sign Language? If yes, message Dr. Isakava for a placement interview.

Is the language Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Spanish? If yes, then you will need to take our web-based placement test. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: First, pay for the test ($25) on the Testing Services web page here: Web Test Payment

Step 2: Once you’ve paid for the test, email the receipt number to the World Languages and Cultures Secretary Senior: Amy Jenkins, to schedule a time to take the test from your own home. She will connect with you via phone or Zoom at your scheduled meeting and get you logged in to CWU’s WebCAPE testing center. 

What kind of test is WebCape? WebCAPE is an adaptive test, which means that the test “adapts” to your level of ability and will accurately determine your competency level in about twenty minutes. You will be able to see your score and your placement right away, on completion of the exam. The goal of the placement test is to get a snapshot of your linguistic competency. There is no need to study or prepare in advance for the test!

Step 3: Once you have your score, for Spanish message Dr. Herrera-Dulcet and for all other languages email Dr. Isakava to get placed into the appropriate class. 

IMPORTANT NOTES: Placement test scores are not tied into CWU’s computer system. Therefore, you will NOT be able to enroll yourself in a class above the 151 level through MyCWU with just a test score. To enroll in a course above the 151 level, you must contact one of the advisors listed above. They will enroll you.

Our first and second-year language classes are offered in sequence: 151 and 251 are only offered in the fall quarter; 152 and 252 are only offered in the winter quarter; 153 and 253 are only offered in the spring quarter. If you are placed in a class offered only in the winter or spring quarter but would like to begin taking language classes right away, please discuss options with Dr. Herrera-Dulcet for Spanish and Dr. Isakava for all other languages.

World Languages Advisors (Summer)

Spanish and Heritage Spanish, Dr. Andrea Herrera-Dulcet:

All other Languages, Summer Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures, Dr. Volha Isakava:


World Languages Advisors (Fall through Spring)




ASL Dr. Taralyn Petrites

L&L 102C


Yuanxia Liu

L&L 102J


Dr. Michael Johnson

L&L 102O

Japanese Dr. Joshua Nelson

L&L 102K


Dr. Laurie Moshier

L&L 102G


Multiple Advisors

L&L 102

Heritage Spanish Dr. Andrea Herrera-Dulcet

L&L 102I


Dr. Volha Isakava

L&L 102F

 As we do not have placement exams for Japanese or American Sign Language (ASL), please contact the advisors for those programs directly.

Japanese:     Dr. Joshua Nelson

ASL:    Dr. Taralynn Petrites.

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