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American Sign Language (ASL)


"DSTSL" Deaf & Sign Language Studies BA - Four Year Plan - PDF




American Sign Language (ASL) is a valuable and fun language to learn.
Over 20 million Americans are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing, yet few people in our communities know enough ASL to be able to communicate with them. ASL also leads to advantageous and socially-minded careers, like teaching, interpreting, and working in the health-care sectors or government agencies. There is currently a high demand for quality ASL users to work in these fields, and a minor in ASL will set you on the right career path and allow you to contribute to society in many ways. As well as becoming teachers or interpreters, our graduates have gone on to use ASL in a myriad of other careers. Small, focused classes, with a dedicated and passionate professor, are your way forward!
**ASL is offered in the Summer click here for more information!**

American Sign Language is Central!


Everything you need to know about the American Sign Language (ASL) Minor and Deaf and Sign Language Studies (DSL) Major at Central Washington University!

Note: For students with sufficient preparation, the 100- or 200-level sequence may be challenged. A C+ is required for any ASL class to count towards the minor.

For Examination by Credit/Placement Test, please contact Dr. Taralynn Petrites for details: or 509.676.6090.


NEW!!! Deaf and Sign Language Studies (B.A.)

Updated information will be here shortly! Feel free to email Dr. Petrites ( for details.

ASL Minor Credits

Thirty (30) Credits Total for the ASL Minor:

Required courses:

Second-Year ASL Courses

  • ASL 251 (5 credits, Fall)
  • ASL 252 (5 credits, Winter)
  • ASL 253 (5 Credits, Spring)

Then earn 15 upper-division ASL credits from the courses below:

  • ASL 301: American Sign Language (ASL) Literature (5 credits)
  • ASL 305: Fingerspelling and Etymology (5 credits)
  • ASL 315: Experiences in the Deaf Community (5 credits)
  • ASL 405: Sign Language Structure and Usage (5 credits)
  • ASL 410: Sign Language and Deaf Culture Through Media (5 credits)
  • ASL 415: Current Issues in the Deaf Community (5 credits)

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