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American Sign Language (ASL)


"DSTSL" Deaf & Language Studies BA - Four - PDF

American Language (ASL) is a valuable and fun language to learn. Over 20 million Americans are or Hard-of-Hearing, yet our communities ASL to be able to communicate them. ASL leads to advantageous and socially-minded careers, teaching, interpreting, and working the health-care sectors or government agencies. There is currently a high demand quality ASL users to these fields, and a minor ASL set on the career path and allow to contribute to society ways. As well as becoming teachers or interpreters, our graduates gone on to ASL a myriad of careers. Small, focused classes, a dedicated and passionate professor, are way forward!


**ASL Summer Offering - Flyer**

American Sign Language is Central!

Everything to the American Language (ASL) Minor and and Language Studies (DSL) Major at Central Washington University!

Note: students sufficient preparation, the 100- or 200-level sequence may be challenged. A C+ is required ASL class to count towards the minor.

Examination by Credit/Placement Test, contact Dr. Taralynn Petrites details: or 509.676.6090.


ASL Minor Credits

Thirty (30) Credits Total the ASL Minor:

Required courses:

Second-Year ASL Courses

  • ASL 251 (5 credits, Fall)
  • ASL 252 (5 credits, Winter)
  • ASL 253 (5 Credits, Spring)

Then earn 15 upper-division ASL credits the courses below:

  • ASL 301: American Language (ASL) Literature (5 credits)
  • ASL 305: Fingerspelling and Etymology (5 credits)
  • ASL 315: Experiences the Community (5 credits)
  • ASL 405: Language Structure and Usage (5 credits)
  • ASL 410: Language and Culture Through Media (5 credits)
  • ASL 415: Current Issues the Community (5 credits)


Helpful Resources:

SignSpaces - The free, fun, and easy way to learn ASL while browsing the web!

(ARC) ASL Resource Tutoring Center

      ASL image of Hands spelling ASL



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