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Financial Aid


You might see a note on your Student Aid Report saying you’ve been selected for verification; or the financial aid office might contact you to inform you that you’ve been selected. Verification is the process the financial aid office uses to confirm that the data reported on your FAFSA form is accurate.  The financial aid office has the authority to contact you for documentation that supports the information you reported.

If you’re selected for verification, don’t assume you’re being accused of doing anything wrong. Some people are selected at random; and some financial aid offices verify all students' FAFSA forms. All you need to do is provide the documentation the financial aid office asks for—and be sure to do so by the school’s deadline, or you won’t be able to get financial aid.

If you used the Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) when filling out your FAFSA form, you may not have to verify that information. If you didn’t use the IRS DRT, or if you filed an amended tax return and used the IRS DRT, the financial aid office may require you to submit a tax transcript as part of the verification process. You can find your tax transcript through the IRS’s Get Transcript service at

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