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Financial Aid

Things You Need to Know


Read through the following documents. As a Financial Aid recipient you are responsible for understanding these requirements.

Definitions of Financial Aid Terms Commonly used on the Aid Notice

Financial Aid Guide
Guide to receiving Financial Aid funds

Satisfactory Academic Progress 
Used to define quantitative and qualitative standards to maintain eligibility for student financial aid.

Award Conditions and Loan Information
The conditions for receiving financial aid at CWU.

Return of Funds Policy
This policy speaks directly to financial aid recipients who withdraw from the University, are expelled, or otherwise fail to complete any credits in a given quarter.


Once you have been awarded financial aid you will have an opportunity to accept, decline, or reduce your specific awards.

  • Log onto MyCWU from Central’s Homepage > MyCWU > Sign In > Financial Toolbox >  Accept/Decline Awards
  • To reduce the amount of loan:  First accept your loan, then a pop up box will appear where you can specify the dollar amount of loan you wish to accept, or you can notify us in writing with a specific dollar amount you wish to accept.
  • You may make adjustments during the academic year, such as to reduce or decline future disbursements of your loan funds, or to accept loan funds that you had previously declined if you still have remaining loan eligibility. Please check with the Financial Aid Office if you wish to adjust your aid package after the initial acceptance of your awards.

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