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Financial Aid

Study Abroad Process Overview

Considering a Study Abroad program?

If you are thinking about studying overseas, check out these FAQs.

Please use this guide as you explore your financial aid options for studying abroad. 

Phase 1: Meet with Study Abroad & Exchange Programs - Create Preliminary Program Budget

  • Meet with Study Abroad & Exchange Programs to determine where you would like to study abroad.
  • With the Study Abroad office you will create a preliminary program budget, go over the cost of your program, the credits you will earn, insurance information, due dates and a lot more. This meeting is important in order for your planning to go smoothly!
  • The study abroad office will use the preliminary program budget form to create a Certificate of Participation (COP).

Phase 2: Meet with Financial Aid Office (FAO) 

Must have preliminary budget first, if you need assistance please contact study abroad

You can meet with any Financial Aid counselor to get an estimate on the type of aid available for Study Abroad!

Speak with a financial aid counselor: contact the Financial Aid Office

  • Bring your preliminary budget to financial aid to go over estimated aid for your program. 
  • If you need a letter confirming the financial aid available for your program please email with the subject “Study Abroad”. Let FAO know what you need your letter to include.
    • Please allow 2-3 weeks for response time.

Phase 3: Processing

  • Meet with Study Abroad & Exchange Programs to finalize your study abroad program details.
  • Once details are finalized Study Abroad & Exchange Programs will send the Financial Aid Office your Certificate of Participation.
    • It’s encouraged to have this from come to FAO directly from Study Abroad & Exchange Programs to ensure accuracy and verification of cost. 
  • After receiving the award, the FAO will create your budget and award. This process can take a few weeks depending on when your program begins.
  • Once your award is completed we will send an award notice to your CWU outlook email.

**A delayed COP & FinAid App for Study Abroad will result in a delayed financial aid award. Both the COP & FinAid App for Study Abroad must be completed by the processing deadline. **

Phase 4: Notification of Aid

  • Once you receive your aid notice, please be sure to accept your aid and complete any To Do list items.
  • It is encouraged to regularly check your MyCWU To-Do list and email during this time to ensure everything is completed. 

*Students who do not complete their study abroad programs and in return earn no credit within a quarter are subject to a return of funds. If for any reason you cannot complete your trip abroad please contact financial aid*

Phase 5: Follow up

  • When you return from your program abroad please be sure to check in with Study Abroad & Exchange Programs.
  • After your travels you will have one quarter to submit your transcripts to the Registrar’s Office.
    • If you are unable to submit your transcripts within one quarter you will need to email with the date that your transcripts will be submitted.

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