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Financial Aid

FlexIT & FlexIT Pro

Important Financial Aid Information for ITAM Flex Students


  • To be considered for Federal or State aid, students must complete the FAFSA or WASFA. 
  • Central must be added to the FAFSA or WASFA for Financial Aid to be offered.
  • Students must complete all “To Do” list items pertaining to Financial Aid eligibility.
  • The same requirements for traditional students regarding verification and/or documentation as required by Federal, State, and Institutional regulations and/or policies apply.  This includes meeting the financial aid application priority deadlines, Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and adhering to the award responsibilities and requirements.


The enrollment levels for Undergraduates are as follows:

  • Full Time: 12 credits
  • Three Quarter Time: 9-11 credits
  • Half Time: 6-8 credits 
  • Less than Half Time: 5 or fewer credits 

The enrollment levels for Graduates are as follows:

  • Full Time: 10 credits
  • Three Quarter Time: 9 credits
  • Half Time: 5-8 credits
  • Less than Half Time: 4 or fewer credits

For financial aid purposes, credits are only counted for the actual term of enrollment. This means credits from previous terms that are currently “In Progress” or marked “Incomplete” will not be counted for enrollment level totals in future quarters.


  • FlexIT Students are not eligible for Institutional aid; this includes tuition waivers.
  • Due to Federal Financial Aid Regulations, a student may not receive any Financial Aid if they are concurrently enrolled in both the FlexIT program and standard quarter-based classes. 
  • Award year limits set by Federal, State, and Institutional regulation/policies apply.
  • Federal and State grant eligibility requires students be enrolled full time to receive the full quarterly disbursement. Less-than full-time enrollment will result in offered grants being reduced to match credit enrollment.
  • Federal Loan eligibility requires Undergraduates be enrolled in at least 6 credits and Graduates be enrolled in at least 5 credits of 501 level courses or higher. 
  • Students are required to adhere to SAP requirements that apply to all CWU students. If a student does not complete at least one course during the quarter they will be subject to the Federal Return of Funds calculation.


  • FlexIT Financial Aid questions should be sent to and must include the Student’s CWU Student ID number.
  • For information about the FlexIT/FlexIT Pro programs, please email
  • FlexIT Pro Part Time/Full Time Tuition is available online at FlexIT Pro Tuition.
  • FlexIT Part Time/Full Time Tuition is available online at FlexIT Tuition.
  • CWU quarter start and end dates can be found on the Academic Calendar on the Registrar’s website: Academic Calendar.
  • CWU Cost of Attendance can be found here: CWU COA.

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