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Financial Aid

Budget and Award Revisions

Changes to your budget and awards are permitted under certain circumstances. Requests for a Revision to Parent Contribution will be considered if the request documents an unexpected and substantial decrease in family resources since the time of application.

Changes can be made to your budget and possibly your awards if your education-related expenses significantly exceed your estimated Cost of Attendance. The normal mandatory student fees are already included in your standard budget, but if you have education-related expenses such as additional lab/course fees, tuition overload fees, loan origination fees, or documented required book expenses that exceed the standard book allowance, these may be added to your budget and if available, additional aid awarded to fill the resulting financial need.  Email revision request with appropriate documentation attached from your email to

Students are eligible to request a one-time-only increase to their Cost of Attendance for the purchase of a computer for school-related work. Typically, these requests are limited to $2,000 unless adequately documented that your particular academic program requires specialized equipment that exceeds this amount.

Please be aware that we cannot exceed your maximum annual eligibility in any financial aid program, so while your budget may be increased to cover an additional cost, we may not have funds to fill the resulting additional budget amount.  Typically budget increases are filled with loan funds, if eligible.

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