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Business and Financial Affairs

Vice President Clark to Assume New Post at Brookhaven National Laboratory

January 7, 2016

To:           The CWU Community

From:     James L. Gaudino

Re:          Vice President Clark to assume new post at Brookhaven National Laboratory

It is with mixed emotions that I share with you that our remarkable Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs, George Clark, is leaving us.

I’m delighted for George, because he’s going to an incredible job at a world-class research organization. He’ll be the Chief Financial Officer and Associate Laboratory Director for Business Services at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, New York.

But I will miss George very much. He’s been with us for five years—and what challenging years they have been. Unprecedented reductions in state funding could have left us in the position of cutting programs and laying off faculty and staff. But George’s innovative and analytical strategies spared us from the worst of budget problems.

George’s analytical and methodical approach was exactly what we needed at a critical time in the history of this university. His strategic thinking provided alternatives that protected jobs, created new student opportunities, and helped establish the stable financial position we have today.

He’s given us more and better budget information than we’ve ever had—and has given it to just about everyone. If you have not seen a budget briefing from George, you are in the minority at CWU! George also led the wholesale update of our financial system and adoption of a new decentralized management approach. That transition could not have happened without George’s continuous and detailed, campus-wide discussions of revenue, costs, and other aspects of finance.

It’s not surprising Brookhaven targeted George. In addition to his success at CWU, he previously served in senior leadership positions at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy. He has nearly 25 years combined service at Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, in Richland, Washington.

George said he will miss seeing the anticipation on the faces of students at the start of each academic year, as well as the excitement that graduation brings to students and their families and friends. We’ll miss the enthusiasm, professionalism, and optimism George has brought to work at CWU for the last five years. I know you join me in wishing George all the best in Long Island!