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Off Cycle Check Request Procedure

3-50-410 Off Cycle Payroll Check Request Procedures

Payroll´s goal is to make life simpler for you while streamlining the process for cutting off-cycle paychecks.

We know there are emergency situations, which make it imperative to get an employee an off-cycle paycheck. It is very frustrating, not only for the employee but also the supervisors & timekeepers, when an employee needs a special check and no one knows when it will be available. For this reason the Payroll Department will be cutting off-cycle checks on Wednesday and the paychecks will be available for employees to pick up at the Cashiers office after 10 am on Thursday. If Thursday is a Holiday, the check will be cut and ready for pick up at 3:00 pm on Wednesday. This process will enable you to let the employee know exactly when to expect a check and the employee can be assured when they will get paid.

The process for filling out the Pay Request form will be the same. However, all paperwork must be signed and into the payroll office by 5:00 pm on Tuesdays. Please check with Student Employment and Human Resources on specific time lines to make sure your Pay Request forms get signed and returned to payroll in time for processing. To make sure the checks are not delayed, Pay Requests that are received in the Payroll Department office on Wednesday, or later in the week, will not be processed until the following week.

Also, as a reminder, it is not University policy to cut off-cycle checks for rate adjustments, overtime or reallocations. Please let the employee know these amounts will be on their next regular paycheck.

Revised 12/01/06


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