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3-50-220 Air Travel

As a state agency, Central Washington University must purchase all air travel through a GA-qualified travel agency or direct from the airlines using the states travel charge card program except for:

Emergency situations that have been approved by the agency-designated travel coordinator.

Contractor does not travel to the desired destination.

When transportation is offered to the general public at a published fare, which is less than the state contract fare. However, when the contract carrier for any city-pair offers a comparable fare and has seats available at that fare, the contracted carrier should be utilized in lieu of a non-contract carrier.

CWU has made arrangements with Travel Leaders and Wright Travel to provide services to Central Washington University.

Travel Leaders

Wright Travel

Street: 807 W. Yakima Ave.

P.O. Box 1059

City: Yakima, WA 98902 Freeland, WA 98249


Fax: 509-575-0726 866-501-8872

Travel Leaders

Contacts: Valory Thomas Sarah Wright

As an added convenience, you may also reserve an Enterprise rental car through either agency at the state rate. Travel agencies simply reserve the Enterprise car; payment is left up to the traveler.

The procedures for purchasing airline tickets will continue to require a travel authorization to be completed and faxed to the authorized travel agency.

It is preferred that all air travel arrangements be made through a GA-authorized state travel charge card system. The authorized travel agents named above have been provided with CWU´s account number.

Direct purchases in emergency situations or for discounted direct airline or international routes should be made with the individual traveler´s corporate visa travel card. A Microsoft Word printable application for the corporate card is available by calling 963-2621 or 963-1986.

Internet service ticketing is allowed only for the exception listed above or if the Internet site is that of another state authorized travel agent and a monetary saving is determined. A list of state authorized travel agents is available this location. Enter contract number "01713".

A list of rates for city-to-city pairs can be found at the following link: Air Fare Rates by State.

Reimbursement for airfare tickets not purchased through normal CWU procedures will require a receipt to be attached to the travel expense voucher that shows the dates of the trip, traveler´s name, and the amount of the ticket(s). Reimbursement is not to exceed the contract rate. All contract rates are listed as one-way flights, so round trips are just double the listed amount. If a destination city or airport is not listed on the contract, then there is no contract rate for that location.

CWU employees traveling on official business are welcomed to use the Airporter Shuttle if preferred when traveling to and from SeaTac International. For more information and reservations contact the Airporter Shuttle at 509-225-7433 or 866-235-5247 or at their website..

A traveler is not required to fly to his/her destination. If another mode of travel is taken, calculate the reimbursement two ways on the travel voucher or complete two travel vouchers-one showing what actually happened, the other showing what the trip would have cost if the traveler flew. The traveler will be reimbursed the lesser amount.

Revised 3/2019