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Student Screenwriter Sees Success


After a successful quarter of screenwriting in the CWU Film program, Isaac Cushman, a senior in the program, has been seeing outside professional success with recognition from four different film festivals, including being a finalist in Best Script Award.

His work, Party, had some trouble getting off the ground due to COVID restraints, resource limitations for the project in Ellensburg, and the need for a child actor. "It needs some rewrites anyway," said Cushman.

"The Mission, however, has gotten some success," says Cushman.  "Although rewrites are now underway, I was so pleased with the draft I turned in that I copyrighted it and sent it to 6 festivals. It did not take home any awards but 4 of those festivals recognized it to some degree. I'm thrilled by that alone. Now, after a few months away from it, I . . . have begun rewrites on it, with a focus on making the brothers' growth over the course of the short more clear and tightening it up to make it as fast and funny as possible."


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