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CWU Film Program

College of Arts & Humanities
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CWU Ranked in Top Three Film Programs in Washington State by Digital Camera HQ

Digital Camera HQ Review of the Program

"CWU Film Program is for everyone who is passionate about movies and who aspires to convey his stories through visual media by making his own creative pieces of art. You will get to study film and television in depth. A highly creative yet professional and scholarly approach is taken to help students discover their own vision for filmmaking.

Students are taught how to think and not what to think. As a student, you will be encouraged to become an independent critic and filmmaker. All students study the foundational courses. However, later in your degree, you can pick and choose specialized courses according to your own personal preferences and interests. These courses can target directing, producing, writing, editing, etc.

The students are provided with the topmost technologically advanced facilities and equipment to make sure that their skills are highly advanced and unmatched in the industry. Students in the Film Program have access to dozens of cameras and lens kits, including Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, GoPro, RED, Blackmagic Cinema, and Sony FS5 4K RAW.

In addition, the school provides students with a vast collection of supporting gear to be used with these cameras to get the best out of them."

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